Everyday minerals – Shade Ana Karenina

31 Dec
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Ana Karenina

Official description: Part of the Jane Austen Collection, this midnight blue shade with lots of sparkle goes great with Dreaming Dandy, Jane Eyre, and Southern Belle.

My description: So subtile, but so beautiful. This shade is really special. When I received this as a gift (thank’s Nati again :)), I was first skeptic. In the bag it looked dirty, dark and with no sparkle. So uninteresting. But then I applied it and my first word was WOW. This is again some of that blue shades that not make you like a zombie :D. Ana’s base is a medium, just a little bit smokened blue color leaning a little bit to blurple. The shift that makes the color a little bit more pearly than completely matte is similar to the base, just a little lighter I think. There is also added a little bit of sky blue fine milled sparkle.


Description is from Everyday minerals.


One Response to “Everyday minerals – Shade Ana Karenina”

  1. Maestra January 2, 2011 at 00:22 #

    Tale je res super lepa! Sem jo kar precej uporabljala.

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