Fyrinnae – Halloween 09 – Shade Medieval Haunting

8 Mar
Pic’s are clickable.

Medieval Haunting

My description: Creepy name that woke up my freaky imagination 😀

This shade reminds me on old gold candlesticks with half transparent white candles, that some one a moment before turned off, so it’s still possible to see the smoke that makes creepy, but also beautiful silhouettes. The candles are cold and full of spider web’s and stand on a walnut commode, that stay on a long and cold corridor.

Ok enough of imagination 😛 .. MH has a black to smokey base and the creamy metallic finish is some kind of an old gold, but not green like most of us imagine this type of shade. It’s really a neutral gold, leaning to yellow I think. It’s so creamy to applie and it has tiny little silver/white sparkles that stay very good in the base and not fall out. Personally I found a perfect gold to me. It’s not to red or green and it has a black base, just brilliant again Fyrinnae 😉


The last photo shows the base. I held my arm under water and gently swiped the finish off my skin.


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