Dark Heart Designs – Swatches and a quick review

9 Mar
Pic’s are clickable.

Absinthe, Purple Haze, Silver Bullet, Ultraviolet and Vampire Heart


A while ago I wrote a message to Dark Heart Designs and ask for some free samples. They wrote me back that they offer free samples, so of course I can have some. I wrote them just my address and after a month or so (I’m a international customer) I became a little letter that contained 5 samples. Overall I like most of the shades, especially Vampire Heart <3. Some of them were a little on the sheer side and some of them are not really unique, but despite that they are really pretty.


Official description: A medium green shadow. Inspired by the liquor absinthe, and the green fairy myth.

My description: For my taste this shadow is not enough unique. Beside this it not fit to my skin. It’s really cool, so it makes my skin more orangey/red. But over all that fact’s, I think that will be great for pale neutral/pink skin tones :-). The base is a medium to fair minty green and the finish is a little lighter shimmery minty. It’s a little warmer in RL, than on the photos.


You can find this shade here: Dark Heart Designs.

Purple Haze

Official description: A dark, hazy purple shadow. Inspired by the god of guitar, Jimi Hendrix, and his song Purple Haze.

My description: Okay, where is here the purple? Don’t get me wrong, the color is really cute but it’s more blurple than a real purple. The base is a medium smokey grey and the finish, like I said before is a blurple. If you take a really close look, you can find some tiny little light blue flakies (or shimmer I don’t know exactly).


You can find this shade here: Dark Heart Designs.

Silver Bullet

Official description: A medium silver shadow. Inspired by my love of the Underworld series & werewolf & vampire lore.

My description: SB is a light silver that’s a little on a sheer side. Most will be say dooh, uninteresting. But it’s not. It’s really not very metallic for a silver shade, but therefore is it much more wearable. I like it on my eyes because it grants a more soft and natural look towards the aggressive metallic silvers. Soft and elegant, I like it. The name remind me especially on the Blade movies.

You can find this shade here: Dark Heart Designs.


Official description:A blue shaded purple shadow. Inspired by the Mila Jovovich movie Ultraviolet.

My description: I think that shade is the most unique of all, after Vampire Heart. It’s a mix between violet and blue, but it leans more to blue. It has a pearly finish and the application is a little bit tacky. I would love this shade even more, when the finish were matte and not pearly. The picture on the official site is pretty accurate.


You can find this shade here: Dark Heart Designs.

Vampire Heart

Official description: A deep red shadow inspired by HIM’s song Vampire Heart.

My description: Wow, just wow. Take a look when I use it in a EOTD: Vampire EOTD. So vibrant, beautiful and unique. Vampire Heart is a medium neutral matte red. I tried the shade to combine with a matte black and it looked just amazing. The name immediately remind me on the Twilight saga <3. I took really crappy photos, but I think the color on them is accurate. I made the last photo on sun, so it looks a bit warmer than in real life.


You can find this shade here: Dark Heart Designs.


8 Responses to “Dark Heart Designs – Swatches and a quick review”

  1. Tina March 9, 2011 at 19:53 #

    Thank you for the review! I’m sorry you weren’t that impressed with some of the shades. Fortunately, I’m going to be working on improving them. I really appreciate your honest feedback & I hope you will continue to let me know your opinion of my products.

  2. swatchfreak March 9, 2011 at 21:46 #

    Thank you too! I think you have much potential to make some great products and the future. Can’t wait! 😉

  3. PickyMakeup March 11, 2011 at 22:02 #

    Can you say repackage?
    Absinthe = TKB Green Apple Pop
    Purple Haze = TKB Deep Blue
    Ultra Violet = TKB Libra Blue
    Silver Bullet = Take your pick of TKB silvers and isn’t that name already used by an Indie company? (I checked and it is)
    Vampire Heart is either straight Carmine with a base (if there is even a base added to these) which I doubt due to the price or it is a lake dye not approved for the eyes.

    I am not trying to make you look bad or be mean but after looking at her etsy I am positive that all of her eye colors are repackaged and she has all of the pops repackaged which is a dead giveaway to repackagers.

    I’m sorry and I am glad that atleast you did not spend any money on these. Repackaging is destroying good Indie companies with the lazy, greedy lies.
    Always look for NCIS ingredient lists or request ingredient lists, it will help but some will lie.

    • swatchfreak March 11, 2011 at 23:46 #

      Unfortunately I don’t have no TKB pigment’s to compare, so I can’t nothing say about that :/ .. I will let know, when I discover more..

    • Tina March 12, 2011 at 03:30 #

      My company was accused of repackaging on a blog review reply. I wanted to post my reply here as well, to share with all of you.

      I would like to take a moment to say that none of my products are repackaged. There are numerous statements & comments on my website, my Etsy site, and my Dark Heart blog concerning repackaging, and my opinion on it. I would be ashamed of myself if I allowed anything to be repackaged.

      While I do use the pop colors in my shadows, I only made them into shadows because they’re not available to people in my area, or to people outside of the immediate makeup community. Also, the pop colors have been discontinued from TKB. If my company was repackaging them, we would have to come up with an entire new line, including lip glosses, or discontinue the current one. I am not doing either of those. I’m trying my best to reformulate the recipes and save as many colors as I can by mixing new color combinations.

      The name Silver Bullet is used by another company, which I was not aware of at the time. However, you will find a lot of companies that do the same and I see no problem with it. Vampire Heart contains carmine, but it is not straight carmine. It’s a combination of carmine and mica to create that particular shadow, as is Toxic. The only difference is, Toxic contains more raspberry pop than Vampire Heart, but if you’ll look, the ingredients are the same.

      Also, I’ve taken a picture to show you the ingredients of a base ingredient (the CS Max) and two raw micas. You can clearly see the ingredients of each item displayed on the bag. If you compare them to the ingredients in my shadows, you’ll see they are not repackaged as both ingredients are in my shadows. Also, anyone who has worked with straight mica is familiar with its low adhesion.

      I’m sorry if you don’t agree with my price, but there is so much more to running an indie business than the cost of pigments and jars. I maintain my website, Etsy shop, Twitter, Facebook page, and more by myself. I pack, ship, create labels, personally stamp each package, write the personalized notes to my customers and more. There’s a lot of time involved in that, and when you add it all up, the profit made from the product doesn’t cover the overhead. Most of my company is run out of pocket, with the profits going back into supplies. While this may not seem intelligent, I do it because I truly enjoy it.

      As to the lazy, greedy lies; a few others and I are working on a site called Project Safe Indie. It will help people find companies that are not repackagers, unsafe, or any of the other problems in the indie community. If I were really guilty of all that was said, I’d be putting the noose on my own neck by starting this project, because lies always surface eventually. There’s a lot of time involved in something like this, and someone who was lazy would not attempt it.

      Also, I believe you meant INCI ingredients, which I am working on. I am human and I do make mistakes. I apologize for that and the INCI names are being gathered and will be posted shortly.

      This is the last that I’ll be saying on this matter, as I feel it rude to do so on someone else’s blog. If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to email me at tina [at] darkheartdesigns.com (remove the [at] and replace with @) or comment on our Facebook fanpage, Twitter, or blog. Also, if anyone has any doubt to the validity of my products, I will be more than happy to swatch them alongside raw mica, or have another trusted blogger do so.

      I’d also like to say thank you to Tamara for her honest review. I have no problem with people not liking my shadows. I do have a problem when peopling make statements against me and my company without any proof.

      • swatchfreak March 12, 2011 at 10:49 #

        Thank you for the explanation Tina. Maybe that will clear some issues. I understand, that’s not nice when some people not trust in your products and on the other side, it’s time to time harder to trust companies because of so many disappointing companies. I can’t wait to see the Project Safe Indie site and the new/improved products 🙂

      • Tina March 12, 2011 at 22:26 #

        Thanks for the reply Tamara! Project: safe indie is coming a long well. I’ve pushed it to the front because of it’s importance. If you’ll email me, I’ll let you know when it’s live. Thanks a lot.

    • shatteredshards March 18, 2011 at 03:41 #

      I have Deep Blue from TKB, and honestly Purple Haze looks nothing like it. Also, Deep Blue has ferric ferrocyanide in it; Purple Haze does not.

      Silver Bullet has tin oxide listed as an ingredient. NONE of TKB’s silvers do.

      Ultraviolet doesn’t match the ingredients for Libra Blues at all; Libra has ultramarines and “(glycidoxphenol) propane/bisaminomethylnorbornane copolymer,” but Ultraviolet does not. However, Ultraviolet has iron oxide and tin oxide, which are not in Libra Blues. Ontop of that, the finish doesn’t match.

      I haven’t seen any cosmetic suppliers selling straight carmine; perhaps you could be so kind as to point us in the right direction?

      I’m going to be honest: I question your methods. Perhaps you had good intentions, but spotting repack takes more work than what I think you put into your research, especially considering you seemed to disregard ingredients entirely.

      So, either you should be more careful in your research, or you should just out and say you think that Dark Heart has inaccurate ingredients rather than making blind repackaging accusations. Because people who are genuinely familiar with how repacking works wouldn’t have come to the conclusion you seem so sure of.

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