Fyrinnae – Faerie Tales 07 – Shade Rapunzel had Extensions

26 Apr
Pic’s are clickable.

Rapunzel had Extensions

Official description: Stunning golden pink-peach (looks pink in the jar). Photos don’t show it well enough, but in low light it’s a great warm highlight shade (as shown in the first photo below), but as soon as the light hits it, wow! It’s a vibrant gleaming pale gold.

My description: I had no big expectations for this shade. Mostly because I prefer darker shades more. But when I applied it on skin: wooow! The base is a shelly, salmony pink shade and the finish is golden. The finish has a more greenish cast next to FY Polar Bear for example, but it’s still gold. On my warm skin this shade shows most of the time his finish, but applied on my sister (her skin is paler and more neutral) the shelly pink peeking trough. I adore to use it in the tear duct/for HL,  because it’s very flexible and can be compared with cool or warm shades. A funny, magical Fyrinnae must have.


You can find this shade here: Fyrinnae.


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