Fyrinnae – Shade Atomic Afterglow

1 Jun
Pic’s are clickable.

Atomic Afterglow

Official description: Silvery-taupe with highlights of copper and gold. Less sparkly, more multi-hued, and with a darker base than our Platinum.

My description: AA is hard to describe and to photograph too 😛 . I would say it’s a sort of warm taupe with a greenish, sage cast that sometimes, in different lightnings, morphs into a more silvery taupe, if that makes sense 😀 . It has a pearly, low luster finish with a tinge of golden iridescence. All in all it’s a great shade because of the uniqueness and it’s enough neutral to compare it with most other shades. There are more photos than usually – I just can’t decide which photo represents the AA the best. The swatches look little more greenish than IRL.

 You can find this shade here: Fyrinnae.


2 Responses to “Fyrinnae – Shade Atomic Afterglow”

  1. Gejba June 5, 2011 at 19:54 #

    Very nice eyeshadow and fantastic swatches. *thumb-up*

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