Meow Cosmetics – Caribbean Escape – Shades Beach, Bermuda Triangle, Blood Orange, Cayman, Kiwi, Pink Sand & Stingray

26 Sep
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Sadly I’m really late with this post :/ . The Caribbean Escape collection is not anymore available on Meow Cosmetics. But I think it will return next year in the summer time :). So I hope the post will be despite of that next year at latest useful.  This collection consists mostly pastel shades combined with some darker purples and blues. The shades have mostly a satin finish. They are all fine milled and can be easy applied.
There is also a new collection on their side: Pandora’s Box. The shades look very promising to me and I’m so euphoric to see a Greek mythology collection, because I really like mythology collections! I think the combination of blues, copper, and other shades is very attractive and I hope I can resist the temptation to set an order of these babies *o* (I have already tons of piggies in my property (x__x) )
OK, enough of that, I must show you the Caribbean collection 😀
First row: Beach, Bermuda Triangle & Blood Orange.
Second row: Cayman, Kiwi, Pink Sand & Stingray.
Beach, Bermuda Triangle & Blood Orange.
Cayman, Kiwi, Pink Sand & Stingray.



Official description:  Sophisticated soft fawn with satiny metallic gold finish.

My description: Beach is my favourite of the bunch. Although it has some khaki tones in it, that I didn’t expect, it’s a pretty fawn shade with gold accents. The finish of Beach is satiny and it’s smoothly to apply. I think the shade is enough neutral to suit variable skin tones, especially on pale girls were it glows in all it’s beauty.

Bermuda Triangle

Official description: Smoky and multi-dimensional, this beauty mesmerizes with flashes of unexpected color.

My description: This shade is interesting, but not really my favourite. I don’t know why, maybe it’s just too cool for my skin tone. But overall it’s a nice dirty teal with a lighter sheen. Also I think the name really interesting.

Blood Orange

Official description: It’s notoriously hard to find a true orange mineral shadow!  Look no further, this pure orange-(not peach!), is finished with a smooth pearly gold undertone- WOW!

My description:I expected that BO will be similar to Fyrinnae’s Pyromantic Erotica but that’s not the case! PE is way more bright and a little more cool orange with a strong green/chartreuse glow, while BO is a warmer orange with a weaker golden shift. It’s still nice, but it’s nothing compared to Pyromantic Erotica <3.


Official description: Lively aqua with soft shine.

My description: Cayman is a flat, for me less interesting color. I would it describe as a leafy color with some sheen. Nothing spectacular but may be nice for some cooler toned girls.


Official description: Juicy lemon lime.

My description: Wow I would never expect that a shade like that will be so cute. It’s a juicy lime, with a stronger shine. It’s not metallic but it has a stronger shine than normal satiny piggies have. Also it applies heavenly because it’s so creamy 🙂 

Pink Sand

Official description: Mystical pale pink with an iridescent undertone and a hint of coral.

My description: This little baby has such a pretty name. I literally feel the sand in my hand when I think about this shade. But not in a bad way. PS is fine milled and easy to apply, so it’s not rough like real sand :D. The color IRL more sandy than on their side. It’s a cross between baby pink and sand. Surprisingly the shade is neutral enough to suit me very well. I used this shade in Astra in Paris EOTD.


Official description: Soft steel blue/purple that rubs down to a soft pink shimmer.

My description: Stingray is a grayed, neutral purple with a blurple sheen. This shade is not enough interesting to me, but it has a cute name and applies like all Caribbean colors very easy.

You can find this shade here: Meow Cosmetics.


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