Persephone Minerals – Pretty Soilder Sailor Moon – Shade Princess Serenity

27 Sep
Pic’s are clickable.

Princess Serenity

Official description: A lovely opaque white with microfine shimmers of gold. Inspired by the princess dress of Serenity.
*Princess Serenity is vegan and lip safe!
INGREDIENTS: mica, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, calcium aluminum borosilicate, silica
My description: Princess Serenity is a soft, but opaque white with goldy glimmers. 
Like the name implies that’s a gorgeous noble color that represents Pricess Serenity, a previous incarnation of Usagi (or Serena or Bunny).
I always liked the dress from Princess Serenity because it’s so calming and dreamy but at the same time precious! 
Out of focus the golden glimmers get visible:

I think it’s a great shade, because it’s so multifunctional. You can use it for a lid, highlight or tear duct color and it will always look amazing! I like it especially applied like a HL, because it looks totally different as applied normally. In that case it looks just like an iridescent white and here and there you can see a golden glimmer. 
You can find Persephone Minerals here and here.
Source of the Princess Serenity photo.

2 Responses to “Persephone Minerals – Pretty Soilder Sailor Moon – Shade Princess Serenity”

  1. eRiN October 3, 2011 at 06:05 #

    Isn’t that Neo-Queen Serenity in the picture?

    … oh my god … I am such a nerd xD

    • swatchfreak October 3, 2011 at 13:46 #

      Yes! You have right, I will change the picture. What a mess.. Luckily you noticed that, I wouldn’t 🙂

      UPDATE: Edited 🙂

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