Meow Cosmetics – Lost Rainforest – Shade Amazon, Boa, Endangered, Expedition, Macaw & Mantis

1 Oct

Pic’s are clickable.

Before the collection disappears I have some swatches for you! Hurry up! Also, check this out: Meow Cosmetics – News.

I’m sorry for the bad photos of this six shades, but I had some problems with the camera, because in this time when I swatched this little babies my camera was pretty new.

Amazon, Boa & Endangered.

Expedition, Macaw & Mantis.


Official description: Deep forest with gold iridescence.

My description: Amazon is amazing :). It’s a deep forest green with gold iridescence. Like the official description says. I like it very much because it’s green and I ❤ greens. I think the golden iridescence makes this shade unique! A must have.


Official description: Dark charcoal with gold iridescence.

My description: Boa is similar to a Feliner from Meow Cosmetics: Neurotic. I have them both and I adore them both! Boa is much darker than on my photos appears! It’s a truly charcoal shade with a golden iridescence. To me this combination is so flattering, because I love golden iridescence in pigments and the combination with the black is really amazing. I think this shade the most attractive of this bunch.


Official description: Medium rose tinged amethyst with red and gold iridescence.

My description: This shade is not my cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong, Endangered truly is a amethyst colored shade and I even can see the gold iridescence but it’s just too cool toned for me. I think this will be a truly eyecatcher on some one else, especially for more cool toned ladies 🙂


Official description: Golden bark-brown with gold luminescence.

My description: Wooow! Now this is a shade of me. Expedition is for me like a more pigmented taupe with a golden iridescence. Also I think the shade has some mauve tones in it. The shade really suits me because of my warm toned skin but I can imagine that this will be okay on neutral and even more cool toned ladys too.


Official description: Liquid sunshine! This molten yellow with pearlized golden sheen is truly a treasure!

My description: I don’t know what I was thinking about when I ordered this shade. Normally I find yellow colors flattering, but I don’t really wear them :P. The shade is a medium toned, bold yellow that’s more on a cooler side. It has a satiny finish and applies smoothly. So if you love yellow colors on your eyes go for it! I don’t :/ 


Official description: Clear and bright this complex blue rubs down to reveal aqua and gold iridescence.

My description: Now this is a truly gem! Ok in my visions mantis are normally green, but I know that there are so many species of them that I can understand why this shade aqua toned. Mantis have also a gold iridescence and this combination for me is just spectacular. I normally not like light colors (I prefer dark toned colors) but I love Mantis!

You can find this shades here: Meow Cosmetics.


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