Persephone Minerals – Pretty Soilder Sailor Moon – Shade Usagi

2 Oct
Pic’s are clickable.


Official description: Inspired by her yellow-blond hair, I put a bit of gold into this so it wouldn’t be quite as yellow as Minako. It also has microfine golden shimmer.
*Usagi is vegan and lip safe!
INGREDIENTS: copper powder, zinc, silicon dioxide, mica, bismuth oxychloride, manganese violet, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, tin oxide, polyethylene teraphthalate.
My description: Usagi or Serena in the English or Bunny in the German and many other countries, is the main character of the Sailor Moon series (I watched it on RTL II, a German television channel). Usagi is the present incarnation of Princess Serenity, that lived in Moon Kingdom, located on the Moon. PS was sent in a form of a spirit into the future to be reborn on Earth in form of Usagi.
The mustard golden color with some golden sparkles and a lighter sheen is interesting, but not really my cup of tea. Usagi has a satiny finish, that truly remind me on her hair. I’m wondering with what a shade could I compare it. Maybe with a bronzy color? Hmm…
Can you recognize the shades next to Usagi? The left is Princess Serenity 😉
On this photo the golden sheen is visible, while on the other photos is a more reddish sheen present. Mysterious :O
You can find Persephone Minerals here and here.
Source of the Usagi photo.

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