Fyrinnae – Halloween 2009 – Shade Medieval Haunting, Mephisto, Nevermore, New Moon’s Light, Samhain Spirits & Sleepy Hollow

6 Oct

Pic’s are clickable.

I already swatched some of this shades, but I wanted to compare Nevermore and New Moon’s Light. And when I already swatch, why not add all other shades from this collection, that I own 🙂 In this bunch my favourite is Mephisto that I already swatched, as well as Medieval Haunting.

Medieval Haunting

Official description: Silky, rich metallic antique gold with accents of silver and gold sparkle (…if Newcastle and Shrouded In Gold had a baby…). Made to be worn over Pixie Epoxy for ultimate shimmer and minimal fallout, but is fine over other bases/primers.

My description: Creepy name that woke up my freaky imagination 😀 This shade reminds me on old gold candlesticks with partly transparent white candles, that some one a moment before turned off, so it’s still possible to see the smoke that makes creepy, but also beautiful silhouettes. The candles are cold and full of spider web’s and stand on a walnut commode, that stay on a long and cold corridor. Ok, enough of imagination 😛 .. MH has a black to smokey base and the creamy metallic finish is some kind of an old gold, but not green like most of us imagine this type of shade. It’s really a neutral gold, leaning to yellow I think. It’s so creamy to applie and it has tiny little silver/white sparkles that stay very good in the base and not fall out. Personally I found a perfect gold to me. It’s not to red or green and it has a black base, just brilliant again Fyrinnae 😉

Picture of the open jars. Samhain Spirits and Sleepy Hollow are pressed with a pressing medium 😉


Official description: Not purple as it looks here, this shade is a deep royal blue with a vibrant metallic red sheen that’s quite striking when the light hits it. Metallic finish, not sparkley. Best over a primer or bare skin, NOT a sticky base. If the red goes somewhat coppery on application, add more. Not lip-safe.

My description: Mephisto is some of that kind of shades that shock you already if you just look in the jar. Applied is the shock even bigger. First because foiled totally changes the color to a goofy rusty shade. But than the magic happens. It begin to dry to a beautiful complex shade, made of a royal matte blue and a reddish sheen (not shimmer). Just gorgeous and one of my favourite shades. In real life is the duochrome effect even more visible 😉 I must mention that the shade in the first swatches is applied with a foiling method, while the swatches in this post are made with Pixy Epoxy. I think Mephisto is my favourite shade in my whole mineral makeup collection ❤ ❤ ❤


Official description: A nearly-matte vibrant purple, fairly neutral, but leaning to pink. This shade has a slight satin finish. Not quite as bright as it looks above. Not lip-safe.

My description: Nevermore is a low luster, almost matte medium purple. The application is a little runny. I don’t know why, but the warmer sister New Moon’s Light is a little more interesting to me. Maybe because NML is a little easier to apply on skin.

New Moon’s Light

Official description: Rich violet, just between royal purple and royal blue. Like Nevermore, this shade has a slight satin finish. Similar to Predatory, but more blue and not completely matte. Not lip-safe.

My description: NML is a low luster, almost matte medium blurple. It has some fine milled sky blue shimmer, that shows up on sun. I like it more than Nevermore, because it’s a little less runny to apply. But all in all both shades are, because of it’s almost matte finish, more problematic to apply than other shades.

Samhain Spirits

Official description: Similar in hues to Lights Of Moscow, this is a shimmery muted burgundy-mauve and copper, blended with a hint of pale gold. Goes very well with Druid Werewolf. Not nearly as warm/gold as it looks here.Take the name for what you will (Samhain is pronounced “sah-wen” or “sow-en”), other beings on that day, or as merry drink or two. Depends on if you’d like a ghost or a Guinness.

My description: I was skeptic, when I ordered this shade. Normally sort of shades like that don’t suit my skin. But when I got it I was surprised. This pretty medium burgundy-mauve with a shimmer finish and some golden twinkle is unique and suitable to many skin tones. A gorgeous shade when you addicted to neutral shades!

Sleepy Hollow

Official description: Lush ocean blue with a flash of sage green as the light hits, Sleepy Hollow has a touch of gold sparkle as well. This shade was made for wearing over our Pixie Epoxy, but works fine over other bases/primers. Not lip-safe.

My description: When you love teals you should try this! Sleepy Hollow has not just a pretty name that immediately reminds me on Johnny Depp it’s also breathtaking. SH is a medium toned blue-teal that has a silky smooth finish and it’s full of golden sparkles! I think the sparkles are really good integrated in the base color. And the quantity of the golden sparkles is just right.

You can find this shades here: Fyrinnae Halloween 2009.


2 Responses to “Fyrinnae – Halloween 2009 – Shade Medieval Haunting, Mephisto, Nevermore, New Moon’s Light, Samhain Spirits & Sleepy Hollow”

  1. Biba October 6, 2011 at 20:03 #

    Imaš pa domišljijo 😉 Tele senčke so fenomenalne ❤

    • swatchfreak October 6, 2011 at 22:43 #

      Opis za Medieval H. sem pisala enkrat, ko sem bila v nekem čudnem moodu :D.. Barve so pa res krasne, nevem če se bom še lahko zadrževala od naročanja, potem ko objavijo še letošnjo kolekcijo :S, vem obupna sem 😀

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