Persephone Minerals – Pretty Soilder Sailor Moon – Shade Neo-Queen Serenity

6 Oct
Pic’s are clickable.

Neo-Queen Serenity

Inspired of course, by none other than the Neo-Queen Serentiy this another opaque white. This one however is complete with the microfine silver + microfine crystalina white & pale, pale pink glitters. So pale, that you really can’t tell there is any pink in there but it just didn’t feel complete without it.
**Neo-Queen Serenity is vegan and lip safe!
INGREDIENTS: mica, titanium dioxide, polyethylene teraphthalate.

My description: Neo-Qeen Serenity is the most seriously shade of the bunch. I have this feelings because of the pure white base and silver sparkles in it. It’s pure and calming, and you can clearly see this shade represent a wise woman, because Neo-Qeen Serenity is the future form of Usagi. The pale pale pink crystallina glitters, mentioned in the official description are really present, but difficult to see. Like other light shades of the bunch, this shade is also appropriate for a hilight color.

Out of focus to see the glimmer:

You can find Persephone Minerals here and here.

Source of the Neo-Queen Serenity photo.


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