Persephone Minerals – Pretty Soilder Sailor Moon – Shade Moon Cosmic Power

9 Oct
Pic’s are clickable.

Moon Cosmic Power

Official description: A shift from pink to gold, leaning more on the pink side when foiled. I’m sure you already guessed the inspiration for this 🙂 This also has a little dose of red & white crystalina glitters.
*Moon Crystal Power is lip safe but not vegan.
INGREDIENTS: mica, titanium dioxide, tin oxide, carmine.

My description: Moon Cosmic Power is one of the shades that are really hard to capture. It’s a light metallic vanilla shade with pink and pastel blue glitter, that has a good visible red-coppery shift, but it’s unable to show that on pictures 😦


I was thinking about what to do, that I can still show you the strong iridescence. I took a black base and tapped the shade on it. And that worked. With this method I was able to capture the fully beautyness of the iridescence ❤ You must know that the shift is also visible without the black base :), but my camera somehow cannot notice that.

Moon Cosmic Power, applied over a black base:

You can find Persephone Minerals here and here.


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