Meow Cosmetics – Halloween Zombies – Shades Omen, Jack O Lantern & Witch’s Brew

15 Oct
Pic’s are clickable.

The colors that I ordered from this collection are all low luster shades with a satiny finish. They all apply smoothly and are good pigmented. The bunch is cute, but a little bit boring in comparison to other MC collections.


Official description: Bright purple with blue iridescence.

My description: Omen is a pretty smokened plum-purple with a medium blue sheen. On the sun is more the base visible, and in the shade the blue sheen. I think it’s the prettiest of the bunch 🙂

Jack O Lantern

Official description: Light Pumpkin Orange.

My description: Jack is a yellow-orange a little washed out color. I personally don’t really have a clue with what to compare it. Unusual, but not my cup of tea.

Witch’s Brew

Official description: Bright acid green.

My description: Like Jack, Witch’s Brew is also an unusual color. It’s a chartreuse color with a lighter sheen. Not very interesting for me :/

In shade, Omens sheen gets visible:

You can find this shades here: Meow Cosmetics.


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