Punk Rock & Roll! EOTD

15 Oct

Pic’s are clickable.

Punk Rock & Roll!

I’m in a Facebook group where we have weekly challenges (*o*). One of them is to participate with a look (EOTD, FOTD, etc.). The theme for the looks changes weekly and by the end of week, they will all be featured on this blog =) : Makeup Zombie.

I looove makeup challenges, especially when I can be creative :). For the Punk Rock & Roll theme, I made a EOTD in wich are the main colors pink, black and blurple. I think the colors represent the theme pretty well. To enhance the message of the look I also added some stars. I know they are not perfect, but drawing on skin is not really easy :/

I used:


2 Responses to “Punk Rock & Roll! EOTD”

  1. Maestra October 16, 2011 at 17:24 #

    Zelo lepo MU! Zvezdice dajo tisto piko na i. ❤

    • swatchfreak October 16, 2011 at 20:31 #

      Hvala Maestra! Sem hotela narisat samo zvezdice z debelimi kraki (in ne tiste, sestavljene iz črt).. ampak ji res ni enostavno za risat, sploh če kracaš sam po sebi :S

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