Meow Cosmetics – Friday the 13th – Skeptic, Trepidation, Unlucky, Paranormal, Accident, Fate & Misfortune Swatches

16 Oct

Pic’s are clickable.

Friday the 13th is one of my favourite Meow collections. I like the strong iridescence/duochromeness in the shades. They look mysterious and alluring. I really love Skeptic and Accident – I have both in full size. I also swatched already Unlucky and  Supernatural. Somehow I don’t find anymore my sample of Supernatural in my stash.. So I couldn’t swatch it with the other 7 shades 😦 Anyway.. The two small pictures show the shade individually, once normall and once out of focus, to show the duochrome shift better.


Official description: This one will make a believer out of you! bright periwinkle with copper and pink iridescent color changing fire. Not for use on lips.

My description: Skeptic is my favourite shade of the bunch. It’s a perwinkle with a golden-copper-pink iridescence! The iridescence is IRL so gorgeous. What an eye catcher! I think it’s the best shade in my stash after Fyrinnae’s Mephisto ❤ The only bad thing about Skeptic is, it’s a little difficult to apply,  especially when you use the foiling method.


Official description: Metallic cinnamon hued copper with golden caramel highlights and pink glow.

My description: Trepidation is a copper-caramel shade with a metallic finish. It also contains some red-pink iridescence. Not really my shade, but pretty and fine milled. It’s more orangey than the official site shows.

In shade:


Official description: Soft metallic umber-rose with glowing pink/red iridescence.

My description: Unlucky is a such a treasure <3. It’s a grey-purple-mauve with a red-rose sheen. I think it’s a must have from this collection.


Official description: Blue green or is it green blue?  Simply put, its both and it’s glistening with iridescent teal fire, too.

My description: This cute piggie is a emerald-teal iridescent shade with a darker base. So mysterious and a truly gem!


Official description: Metallic copper lame with a dark undertone and gleaming metallic iridescent fire-Wetlines:RED!

My description: This shade has brown and copper in it, two colors that normally are not the best match for me. But this shade is something special, because I really like it to wear. The base is a sooty brownish grey and over that it has a shimmery finish that’s sometimes red-pink and sometimes copper/brown. Gorgeous.


Official description: Color shifting deep ocean blue with a subtle dark  undertone and aqua duochrome overtones.

My description: I would never espected that Fate will be such a gem of a piggie. It has a strong, more on the metallic side shift, like Paranormal. The base is a darker blue, the shift an ultramarine-electric blue. When you love vibrant blue shades, this will be a winner for you.


Official description: Metallic green/blue with gold iridescence.

My description: Wow! Misfortune is a dirty metallic sage green with a golden twist. So charming and complex! ❤

You can find this shades here: Meow Cosmetics – Friday the 13th.


3 Responses to “Meow Cosmetics – Friday the 13th – Skeptic, Trepidation, Unlucky, Paranormal, Accident, Fate & Misfortune Swatches”

  1. nihrida October 17, 2011 at 21:23 #

    Sceptic & Accident = WIN! *drool*

  2. V @ Gone2RehabBRB October 19, 2011 at 18:57 #

    Se strinjam z Nihrido 🙂
    Pa nikoli nisem marala modrih senčk. Čeprav zdaj, ko sem videla Skeptic v živo,
    sem odločena, da si navabim cel lonček. Isto velja za Accident in pa Unlucky, za Fate
    bi pa verjetno vzela vzorček. Vse ostalo me pa ne prepriča =)

    • swatchfreak October 19, 2011 at 21:34 #

      Skeptic je res ❤ Sem pa zdaj z naročilom dobila še Spell (*o*), ki je sicer podobna Iaru, no sijaj ima malo bolj zelen..

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