Persephone Minerals – Sailor Senshi Chibi Moon – Chibi Usa, Black Lady, Moon Prism Power, Pegasus & Pink Sugar Heart Attack Swatches

17 Oct

Pic’s are clickable.

The whole Chibi Moon collection contains 9 shades and I bought 7 shades, but swatched 5 from them! I totally forgot about 2 shades 😡 ..I really must clear my stash, because it’s fuuul with a billion of samples. I will swatch the two forgotten shades (Sailor Chibi Moon & Eternal Chibi Moon) ASAP. So, like other Persephone Minerals piggies, the colors are all fine milled, super pigmented and complex! I’m really not a fan of pinks, but for pink lovers this is a MUST HAVE collection 😉

Chibi Usa

Official description: Sort of a bubblegum pink with pink shimmers. Inspired by, her lovely pink hair.
*Chibi Usa is NOT vegan, but is lip safe!
ING: mica, titanium dioxide, carmine, carbon black, iron oxide.

My description: Chibi Usa is the daughter from Usagi (Sailor Moon). I think, this shade represents really well her pink hair. The piggie is a light-buble gum pink with some baby pink iridescence. Lovley, but not really my thing.

Black Lady

Official description: A deep blackened red, like the dress she wears when she is captured by the baddies of the Nega-moon. With blue & black microfine glitters to capture all the dress colors , & topped off with reflecks of pink.

*Black Lady is NOT vegan and is NOT lip safe. ING: mica, ferric ferrocyandide, carmine, copper powder, silicon dioxide, polyethylene terephthalate, calcium aluminum borosilicate, tin oxide, titanium dioxide.

My descritpion: Black lady is a transformation form of brainwashed Chibi Usa. The color is drop-dead gorgeous! It’s a dark wine shade with blue and red sparkles! I think it’s my second favourite of the bunch (*.*)

Swatches in shade:

Moon Prism Power

Official description: A striking duochrome of blue & pink with the palest possible touch of blue so that the pink dominates. Topped off with lavish gold shimmer!

*Moon Prism Power is vegan but NOT lip safe!
ING: mica, titanium dioxide, tin oxide, bismuth oxychloride, chromium oxide green, silicon dioxide.

My description: Woow! Now this is my No.1 shade of the bunch! MPP is such a complex and alluring color! IRL it’s hundred times prettier(the iridescence is IRL more visible)! I don’t even can’t describe it properly 😀 It’s a powdery white with blue accents and a strong ping-golden sheen and some PURPLE glitter! I’m in love.



Official description: An almost translucent white/gold duochrome, with white & gold shimmer. Inspired by Pegasus- the alternate form of Chibi-usa’s  future prince, Helios.

*Pegasus isvegan and lip safe!
ING: mica, titanium dioxide, tin oxide, polyethelyne terephthalate

My description: I really love the name of the shade. It’s so romantic, and always reminds me how Chibi Usa embrace Pegasus. The color is a must have! It’s a soft white with a strong vanilla-golden sheen ❤

Swatches in shade:

Pink Sugar Heart Attack

Official description: This color is absolute glittering pink madness! I recommend you use this wetlined or patted over something like Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy. It is an uber-bright pink loaded with different kinds of pink, purple & gold shimmer!

*Pink Sugar Heart Attack is NOT vegan, but is lip safe!
ING: mica, titanium dioxide, carmine, polyethelyne terephthalate, calcium sodium borosilicate, tin oxide, silica.

My description: It’s pink and glittery. Go for it! xD.. No, seriously it’s a pretty, bright pink with gold and pink sparkle. It’ similar to Rainbow Moon Heart Attack, but more on the cooler side. Really pretty and sooo pigmented 🙂


You can find this shades here Persephone Minerals – Etsy and here Persephone Minerals Artfire.

Source of the Chibi Usa, Black Lady & Pegasus and Chibi Usa photos.


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