Innocent + Twisted Alchemy – Review and Swatches

23 Oct

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Innocent + Twisted is a pretty new company in the indie makeup world.  The owner Linda love to add a “twist” to her shades by putting in sheens or sparkles that don’t seem to fit the ‘base’ color. She’s trying to be unique and different 🙂 I think this is a great idea because the company is really different and unique.

About two weeks ago, she asked me, if I would make a review of her company. I agreed because I already noticed the company on Kimmie Karma’s Love  blog and was curious if the products really are similar to Fyrinnae’s. Linda said that I can choose a full size, two clamshells and two baggies.


Linda is a very nice person that quickly response to emails, questions etc. 🙂


The package arrived to me in 9 work days (included preparation time). For me is that really quick, because I’m an international customer 😉 Shipping ranges from $1.00- $4.00.

First impressions

The package was sealed with a pretty pink tape, that appeared again on the full size jar. I had no problems to remove it. In the package was a cellophane baggy with pink hearts and a 4″ x 6″ print of Broken Heart that you recieve when you buy the Broken Heart trio (Hell Wonderland Collection).  The design of the company is just amazing. Btw. all the art is her own (^o^). She really is talented.


On to the cellophane baggy. It contained:

  • a full size (I picked J’aQ in the Box from the Broken Heart trio),
  • two clamshells (Spinal Affliction and Cardio – Blemish, from the Broken Heart trio),
  • two baggies (Silent Lucidity and Innocent+Twisted),
  • an information list,
  • an ingredients list (on the back is an illustration that probably represents an innocent and a twisted girl)
  • the invoice with a thank you and a cute kitty sticker <3,
  • and a business card.



On to the piggies. All shades are good pigmented, fine milled and apply very smoothly. It’s easy to work with them and I’m very impressed of the quality and the uniqueness-complexiticy of them.

Full Size


The full size is a 5 gram jar, that holds about 1.63 grams of product. You can get it for $6.00. On my lid is a detail of the Broken Hearted trio picture. I really love that because you immediately know which collection the jar belongs. The shades, that not belong to a collection, for example the regular shades, have on the lid a sticker with the name of the company, on a checkered background. On the bottom is a soft matte plastic sticker that contains information about the shade (name and number of the shade, a collection or regular, lip safe or not, vegan or not).

J’aQ in the Box

(Broken Hearted trio – Hell Wonderland Collection)


Official description: J’aQ in the Box [VEGAN; eyes, lips, face safe] : Rich metallic chocolate-brown with a red sheen and sparkles.

Ingredients – Titanium Dioxide (77891, 13463-67-7), Iron Oxide (77491, 77492, 77499, 1309-37-1-38-2, 1317-61-9), Tin Oxide (778161, 18282-10-5), Mica (77019, 12001-26-2), Magnesium Myristrate, Zinc Oxide, Cetyl Dimethicone (77091, 0584276), Polyethylene Terephthalate, Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate (65997-17-3), Silica (7631-86-9)

My description: J’aQ in the Box is a dirty reddish-brown with a taupe-mauve shimmer and gorgeous red sparkles! I’m very happy to pick this as the full size choice 🙂 It’s a every-day shade with a twist ❤



Clamshells holds about 0,8 grams / 1/2 teaspoon of product. You can get a clamshell for $2.00. Like the full size, they have a picture on the lid. My two have the same picture like the full size, because they are all from the same collection (Broken Hearted trio from the Hell Wonderland Collection). On the bottom, are informations about the shade (name and number of the shade, a collection or regular, vegan or not, lipsafe or not).

Spinal Affliction

(Broken Hearted trio – Hell Wonderland Collection)


Official description: Spinal Affliction [VEGAN; not lip safe] : Medium taupe with a gray and pink sheen.
Spinal Affliction – Titanium Dioxide (77891, 13463-67-7), Iron Oxide (77491, 77492, 77499, 1309-37-1-38-2, 1317-61-9-67-7), Tin Oxide (778161, 18282-10-5), Mica (77019, 12001-26-2), Magnesium Myristrate, Zinc Oxide, Cetyl Dimethicone (77091, 0584276), Silica (7631-86-9), Ultramarines; Pigment Red 259 (77007, 57455-37-5).

My description: Spinal Affliction is an ashy brown shade with a duochrome taupe-mauve sheen. Very pretty and unusual.

Cardio Blemish

(Broken Hearted trio – Hell Wonderland Collection)


Official description: Cardio-Blemish [VEGAN; eyes, lips, face safe] : Red with an explosion of blue sparkles.

Cardio-Blemish – Titanium Dioxide (77891, 13463-67-7), Iron Oxide (77491, 1309-37-1), Tin Oxide (778161, 18282-10-5), Mica (77019, 12001-26-2), Magnesium Myristrate, Zinc Oxide, Cetyl Dimethicone (77091, 0584276), Polyethylene Terephthalate.

My descritpion: This shade is a metallic medium red with a coppery tinge, electric blue sparkles and some golden-copper sparkles. It has a lighter red-pink sheen. Wow, I never seen a shade like that before. It’s also the most creamy shadow of them all and applies veeery smoothly.



I don’t know if baggies are normally available, instead of them you can on choose the clamshells. On my baggies are, like on the full size and on the clamshells, informations about of the shade (name of the shade, a collection or regular, lipsafe or not, vegan or not, AND ingredients!). I picked two shades from the regular line.

Silent Lucidity


Official description: Silent Lucidity is a medium blue-ish gray with orange shimmer. This product is VEGAN and NOT lip safe!

INGREDIENTS:  Mica (77019, 12001-26-2), Titanium Dioxide (77891, 13463-67-7), Magnesium Myristrate, Zinc Oxide, Magnesium Stearate (557-04-0)
Iron Oxide (77499, 77491, 1309-37-1, 1309-38-2), Ferric Ferrocyanide (77510, 14038-43-8), Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate (65997-17-3), Silica (7631-86-9), Tin Oxide (778161, 18282-10-5), Boron Nitride (10043-11-5), Ferric Ferrocyanide (77510, 14038-43-8), Ultramarines (77007, 1317-97-1), Polyethylene Terephthalate.

My description: For me Silent Lucidity is a light blue with some grey undertones and some white-blue iridescence. I don’t really see a orange shimmer in it, but it contains some gorgeous glitter that remind’s me on the glitter, that contains Fyrinnae’s Dinosaur Plushie. I think the shade is great for use it in the tear duct, but it’s too boring for me, to use it as a lid color. It will be great when the shade would really contain some visible orange shimmer, or orange glitter, or even an orange iridescence (*o*).

Innocent + Twisted


Official description: Innocent + Twisted is a blackened red with intense red shimmer. This product is VEGAN and NOT lip safe!

INGREDIENTS:  Mica (77019, 12001-26-2), Titanium Dioxide (77891, 13463-67-7, 13464-67-7), Magnesium Myristrate, Iron Oxide (77499, 77491, 1309-37-1, 1317-61-9, 1309-38-2), Polyethylene Terephthalate, Tin Oxide (778161, 18282-10-5), Silica (7631-86-9), Ultramarines (77007, 1317-97-1), Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate (65997-17-3).

My description: Innocent + Twisted is my favourite of the bunch. It’s so complex! It has a black base with a huge amount of purple-red and golden sparkles. I discovered out that this little baby changes the color on different lighting, similar like Fyrinnae’s Arcane Magic line. On sun it has a more red-purple sheen, In daylight it’s more purple, and in some angles, you can now see a more brown-purple sheen. Alluring ❤



I didn’t set high hopes, because sometimes you can be dissapointed that way. But when the package arrived I was pretty surprised! All the love and joy, and also hard work, that Linda trasfers in the products and in the package is amazing. I’m really pleased that I could make this review. I’m so in love with the idea of this company and all the little details found in it. I think Innocent + Twisted has has a bright future, because of the uniquness of the shades and the amazing design <3.

You can find this shades here: Innocent + Twisted Alchemy – Etsy

The products were sent to me free for the review, but all opinions are mine!

8 Responses to “Innocent + Twisted Alchemy – Review and Swatches”

  1. Biba October 23, 2011 at 13:56 #

    O, vau! Lepe senčke!

  2. eRiN October 23, 2011 at 14:14 #

    I was JUST checking them out earlier tonight and debating ordering some colors to review, but I really can’t afford to order from all the co’s I haven’t tried yet just for blogging purposes :/ But these colors are beautiful, Spinal Affliction in particular looks AMAZING!

    • swatchfreak October 23, 2011 at 14:25 #

      I have the same problem 😦 There are so many gorgeous collections, especially now when the Halloween co’s came out..

  3. tapiricus October 23, 2011 at 21:24 #

    I’ve really been interested in what this company has to offer, and the swatches are just making me want to buy a buttload of samples. I love how on the receipt there’s an illustration – I love little details like that 🙂 Most of all, loving that the red and pink shades are vegan friendly 😀 Cardio Blemish definitely looks like a colour I need. Your swatches are amazing as always 🙂

    • swatchfreak October 24, 2011 at 10:00 #

      Thank you! 🙂 I love all the little details of this company too! It’s so complex and interesting. About the vegan pink and red shades – that’s really great ❤ Cardio Blemish is so pretty – it has such a beautiful pearly finish.

  4. Olgie October 24, 2011 at 00:48 #

    They sound like they’re really doing good things for a startup indie company. Hey, I’d give them a go now!

    • swatchfreak October 24, 2011 at 10:07 #

      Yeah 🙂 if they continue to be like that, I think there are chances for a bright future. I think it’s good to have a company that’s a bit different from others 🙂

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