Quick update and Innocent + Twisted Alchemy – Holiday Collection – Collaboration

14 Nov

Quick Update

I know I was not very active in the past two weeks. My day cycle changed a little bit and I still have some problems to deal with that. Somehow in this time I don’t have very much energy to writing posts. I have a ton of swatches to post (some Pandora Box, two of Zombie Apocalypse from Meow, a few Persephone Minerals; Sailor Senshi swatches, and a whole bunch of Sundara Cosmetics shades) but somehow I really don’t have the energy to edit and post them :/. I promise not to stop writing. And when I will be better, I promise to slowly post some swatches again! I don’t know what’s happening to me, but I always need a break here and there from all the swatching mania. You must know that I make a bazillion of shots of a collection and than slowly deleting the most unatractive pictures, until I have just a few, most accurate pic’s. Then I’m editing them when I think the picture is too dull, too reddish or whatever. Also, writhing in english is not really my thing, but I think I learning it slowly.. And I’m lazy sometimes too.. egh.. Anyway I also promised to make two F/EOTD’s as a guest post, but somehow I have: a) doubt’s of the quality of my pictures, b) don’t like how my face looks on the pic c)I’m not satisfied with the lightning/sharpness on the photo.. I’m a very complicated/precise person, and that’s sometimes not a priority xD..

Innocent + Twisted Alchemy – Holiday Collection – Collaboration

Ok.. enough of the drama.. Despite of that that I don’t have fun with editing the swatches and etc. I do have fun with Linda, the owner of Innocent + Twisted Alchemy.

She decided to make a Holiday Collection, including 10 shades. She already posted 7 shades on her blog/facebook site, and the other three unposted shades are a collaboration with me (and my sister :>).

First, the already posted shades:

1. Tragic Chord

Linda wrote:  Tragic Chord is a gold with a slight green sheen and shimmers.

My opinion: I think this shade is fabulous! Is type of a calming down shade in the collection. On the pictures the sheen looks like a sage green – I like that!


2. Mystic & Divine

Linda wrote: Mystic & Divine – Silver with a red sheen and sparkles.

My opinion: Love the name! I asked if the sheen is IRL more visible than on the pictures. The answer: “It’s definitely more visible than in this pic and my swatch.” If that’s true, the shade will be amazing!


3. Yule of Eternity

Linda wrote: Copper with a purple sheen and sparkles.

My opinion: I thin this is my favourite of her created shades for this collection! Im sooo in love with that combination :O I’m very exited too see this IRL.


4. Champagne Bath

Linda wrote: Champagne Bath was supposed to be a burgundy with golden sparkles. But while making this, I came up with this gorgeous dirty rose shade and decided to keep it as this instead.

My opinion: My skin is not really a friend of mauve, rose colored shades, but this looks very interesting because of the golden sparkle in it.


5. Grieving Flame

Linda wrote: Grieving Flame – Medium gray with gold, red, and orange sparkles.

My opinion: At the beginning I suggested to make a collection, based on the “The Little Matchgirl” story, but we didn’t had any idea what to create.. except this shade.


6. Peppermint Kisses

Linda wrote: Peppermint Kisses – A satin white with a slight red sheen and red sparkles.

My opinion: Like Linda already wrote on her blog, the picture is too poor too see the sheen/sparkles. But I expect a really interessting shade!

7. Guilty Grinch

Linda wrote: Guilty Grinch – Shimmery blue-green with magenta and rainbow glitters.

My opinion: I’m soo exited to see how the magenta and rainbow glitter looks in a blue green base! Overall I love teal/blue-green shades!

The last three shades are a creation of three people. I and my sister created the names and the description, and Linda mixed them. She already sent me pictures of the shades and I think they will be gorgeous! The funny thing about is, that me and my sister immediately BOTH had the idea of a blue, green and a red/pink shade. We have a similar taste so we quickly (in 30 minutes) created and named all the four shades 😀 Linda picked three shades:

8. One is a navy bright blue shade with some gold sparkle/shimmer. I got the inspiration, thinking on shooting stars 😉

9. One is a HOT pink shade (generally never liked pinks, but slowly I’m changing my mind) with two kinds of glitter; bronze and golden and a lavender sheen ❤ My sister had the idea for the name – Pink Liqour, my idea was to name it Pink Champagne, but Linda liked sister’s verison more 😀

10. And one is an army green shade with a PINK shimmer! I don’t know why I like this so much, maybe because of the strange combination ❤ Let’s say that I will keep the name of this shade still secret ;D The idea of the color combination was somehow born between the conversation with my sister and it’s a creation of both of us.

Here’s also the drawing that will suit to the collection:

I’m so thankful and happy/exited that I could collab Linda! She’s such a nice person 😉 Thank you!

All pictures are from HERE.


2 Responses to “Quick update and Innocent + Twisted Alchemy – Holiday Collection – Collaboration”

  1. Olgie November 15, 2011 at 05:02 #

    Amazing collaboration! I’m loving all of these colours. My wallet is hating me right now.

    • swatchfreak November 30, 2011 at 12:38 #

      I’m sorry for the late response but, thank you! I recieved them already and must say they’re gorgeous ❤

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