Fyrinnae news!

13 Apr
Pic’s are clickable.

Fyrinnae strikes again! They have refreshed their site appearance, added four new shades next to these four new shades that I already mentioned and reformulated a color. And that’s not all, they will be probably add some more new colors. Yaaay! I’m just sad that I just set an order at the beginning of april and I’m now broken x___X

From L-R: Bitey Tyrannosaur, Blogger Beauty, Picture it: Sicily & Pteranodon.



The reformulated shade, Parental Advisory.

Which is your favourite? Mine is Bitey Tyrannosaur! I think it will be similar to Danse Macabre from Fyrinnae’s Dia De Los Muertos Collection. And the coral shade reminds me on Painted Roses, from Fyrinnae’s Mad Tea Party Collection.


One Response to “Fyrinnae news!”

  1. olgiepolgie April 17, 2012 at 08:35 #

    I’m with you. I adore green! I can’t wait to get the new colours. I love Fyrinnae.

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