Meow Cosmetics – Egyptian Treasures – Glow Powders – Eternal, Diety & Immortal

14 Apr
Pic’s are clickable.

I have an enormous amount of swatches to show you but have not enough time. I will try do my best <__< Btw.. here are some swatches! Yay! xD I swatched the Glow powders from Meow Cosmetics Egyptian Treasures Collection.



Official description: Cool toned diffused soft wine with sheer golden sheen.

My opinion: Eternal is very pretty but way too dark for me. It’s a gorgeous plummy color with a pretty sheen, like the other two too. I recommend this glow powder to a girl who has a darker and cool skin tone.



Official description: Neutral toned muted plum with soft lustrous golden sheen.

My opinion: On my olive skin, Diety looks perfect! I think it’s a truly amazing powder glow and will suite all other skin tones too 😉



Official description: Neutral toned golden beige with sheer caramelized cinnamon amber highlights.

My opinion: I truly hoped that this shade will be great for me, but it looks grey/ashy on me :(. I don’t really know why, because golden/ashy/olive colors normally look great on me. Maybe I’m just too yellow toned (and not enough beige)? I think you MUST try it if you are a girl with beige undertones.

Overall I think that these three glow powders are perfect, to add some glow to your appearance. They are fine milled, apply really easy, and have good pigmentation. The only minus is that all three colors are more on the darker side. I must try to mix all the shades with a transparent powder.. Maybe is Immortal just too dark for me, like Eternal.


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