Darling Girl Cosmetics – Only One Can Win Collection – Swatches

6 May

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Only One Can Win Collection

I swatched the OOCW Collection from Darling Girl Cosmetics, enjoy!

Fire Inside


Official description: Katniss Everdeen was the Girl on Fire, one of the most popular tributes in the 74th Hunger Games. Her intense personality is only rivaled by her expert wielding of a bow and arrow. Fire Inside is a metallic burnt red.  Its richness is heightened by the gold sparkles blazing within. It is a color fit for a queen, or perhaps the figurehead of the revolution.

My opinion: Fire Inside is a mix of a burnished orange and metallic burgundy. It also contains green/golden sparkle. Gorgeous and very unique. A must have!

Rue’s Lullaby

 100_0939 100_0927

Official description: Don’t count out the young tribute from District 11 just yet. Her ability to jump from tree to tree comes from years of plucking apples from the orchards of her home. Sweet and innocent Rue’s Lullaby hides a tragic future, this gentle pink that leans more towards coral, brightens considerably in certain slants of light, when it shows a light pink sheen. This color maybe be sweet, but pair it with The Final Gift for a daring look.

My opinion: Ohh I love the name of this shade! It’s a super cute color. It looks like a satingy antique rose with a subtile pink/lilac shift. Sometimes it really leans to the coral side, but the cool shift is permanently present. Not in that way that it will be strongly visible, but it’s there.

Obviously A Wig

 100_0940 100_0928

Official description: The height of Capitol fashion can only mean one thing, Effie has arrived! Obviously A Wig is a shifting magenta that reflects sugary blue in some lights. For the daring, this shade could be worn as a blush or even mixed into some gloss to create a lip color.

My opinion: This is my new love. My newest holy grail. Omg, look at this duochrome effect! You must buy this shade! OaW is a crazy bold fuchsia – magenta color with a strong light blurple duochrome shift.

Well Dressed


Official description: All of the Capitol goes to District 8 for their clothing. Known for its intricate textiles and fashionable clothing, their strange designs rule the fashion world. If you’ve seen how the people in the Capitol dress, then you know they’re certainly avant-garde. Well Dressed is a strange mix between taupe, lilac and gray with a purple flash.

My opinion: If you love taupes, Well Dressed is for you. This shade somehow impressed me, because I expected a very boring color. But it’s not! WD is a satiny cement shade with a lilac shift and some golden sparkle. Pretty!

Live Wire


Official description: Based on District 3, the district responsible for creating electronic creature comforts like television sets and automobiles for the Capitol. Their unnamed tribute’s expertise lies in explosives which causes much trouble for our hero. This color is a bomb in it’s own right, it’s cool metallic silver finish explodes with a pink sheen. This color would look amazing with Obviously a Wig in the crease.

My opinion: This is a neutral silvery metallic – sparkly shade. It’s cool but not really a must have for me (I would love it if the finish would be more like molten metal, a liquid appearance with no sparkle at all).

Boy With The Bread


Official description: The Boy With The Bread is the son of a baker and second tribute to District 12. Peeta declares his crush on Katniss to win favor, but the look in his eye says something else. Does Peeta care for Katniss or is it for the cameras? The eyeshadow is a warm, brown taupe like his bread, with a blue sheen like his eyes.

My opinion: After Obviously A Wig my second favourite! I love wich person the shade represents, I love the color, the name, everything! Surprisingly the shade looks like a swampy poo in the baggie (lol), but applied on skin it’s a satiny brownish taupe with an aqua duochrome shift. Fantastic!

The Seam


Official description: District 12 is famous for its richness in coal, a natural resource the Capitol kills to have. Many of the young men and women work tirelessly in the coal mines to come home to poverty. The Seam is a taupe-ish gray with an aqua flash. It’s a truly unique shade. You could cover yourself head to toe with this like the past District 12 tributes, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

My opinion: The Seam is a shimmery silvery brown shade with some bold aqua-green sparkles. Similar to Boy With The Bread, but a cooler, darker cousin with a different finish. Unique and beautyful.

Mayor’s Daughter


Official description: Unlike most, the Mayor’s daughter seems to know something Katniss doesn’t. Armed with a simple Mockingjay pin, Katniss quickly learns her place in the Hunger Games. This bright, yellow gold could make you into the symbol of the revolution with its pink sparkles and metallic finish. Use this on the lid for a daring flash of color or on your lips if you are a bit more of an Effie then a Katniss.

My opinion: This color is a warm & rich orange gold with a metallic finish and bold lilac? sparkles. A great shade with a dreamy creamy texture.

The Final Gift


Official description: Cinna is many things: artist, stylist, possible District 13 spy and friend. Don’t let his simple dress fool you; he is insanely talented with clothing design. His concept for Katniss’ “Girl on Fire” made her the figurehead of the revolution.  This sparkly orange-based copper truly glows. Wear this with Fire Inside to shine like Katniss.

My opinion: This really is a shade that literally glows! With the appearance like molten metal it’s very similar to Mayor’s Daughter, but leans more orange. The sparkles are also similar to the sparkles in Mayor’s Daughter. It’s similar to Meow Cosmetic’s Anathema from Pandora’s Box Collection. I must try to wear them together, hmmm..

Survival Instinct


Official description: Coming from a poor district means you have to know how to survive. Whether she’s hunting in the wilds or simply surviving the Hunger Games, our girl from District 12 certainly knows how to fight. This shadow is a blackened bronze that leans towards a plum color thanks to its red and gold shimmer. Hold this color up to the light and you can see a red tinge peeking through the bronze.

My opinion: Wow! My third favourite. This is a shade that morphs from a dusty purple to a chocolate-brown. It contains purple and yellow/green sparkles. So alluring and complex. Similar to Innocent + Twisted Alchemy – Innocent + Twisted shade.

Squirrel Hunter


Official description: The forests of District 12 are teeming with furry creatures ready to be plucked up and munched on. Luckily there are few who venture beyond the fence to capture them. Gale Hawthorne is one of those few. Much like the woods where he hunts, this forest green eyeshadow is brightened by lime green and gold sparkles. This color would be a beautiful crease color if you paired it with Mayor’s Daughter.

My opinion: Squirrel Hunter is a medium cool toned dusty green with a lighter and warmer green sparkle. For my skin it’s too dusty and too cool.

Songbird Weaponry


Official description: Choose your weapons carefully, whether it may be bow and arrow or javelin.  May the odds always be in your favor. Songbird Weaponry is a blackened navy with a flighty blue sheen and a sprinkling of gold. Don’t be fooled by its sparkles, this eyeshadow is deadly.

My opinion: SW is a dusty navy shade with a shimmer/metallic finish, a lighter blue sheen and golden sparkles. Pretty but not a must have shade for me…

Top 3 shades IMO:

  1. Obviously A Wig
  2. Boy With The Bread
  3. Survival Instinct


The collection is amazing. You get matte, shimmery and metallic shades. You get cool and warm shades, light and dark shades. For me a great collection that will satisfie everyone for every ocassiasion.


4 Responses to “Darling Girl Cosmetics – Only One Can Win Collection – Swatches”

  1. Leira Yann May 6, 2012 at 16:58 #

    I placed an order yesterday. I bought boy with the bread too. I can’t wait to try it. Great swatches.

    • swatchfreak May 6, 2012 at 17:26 #

      Thanks for your comment! I’m sure you will love BWTB 🙂

  2. olgiepolgie May 10, 2012 at 02:30 #

    Oh, they’re so beautiful! Look at all that sparkle. Your swatches are amazing.

    • swatchfreak May 13, 2012 at 10:23 #

      Thank you! And thanks for commeting again!

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