Innocent + Twisted Alchemy – Endless Rain Collection – Swatches

25 Jul
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Endless Rain Collection


I received a while ago samples of this breathtaking collection that the lovely Linda has created. All colors are fine milled, apply smoothly and are good pigmented. I love purples, blues and greens, so this range of colors suits my taste perfectly. The shades have mostly a (low)shimmer finish, but some are even duochromes ❤


Velvet Tears


Official description: Warm red with green, turquoise, and blue shimmer. Has a subtle green sheen

My opinion: Velvet Tears is a very interesting brick-red shade with green/turquoise/blue sparkles. It belongs to the brown/red/green category of shades like Sweetscent’s Chameleon, Fyrinnae’s Conjuror or Darling Girl Cosmetic’s Comet, but it’s a wannabe duochrome shade, lol. It’s not a duochrome and also not a flat one color shade. It’s something in between and that’s what it makes so special.

1000 Cherry Trees


Official description: Pale, frosted pink.

My opinion: 1000 Cherry Trees is a neutral frosted pink with a buttery consistency ❤ I’m so in love in this shade! It has such a pretty name and it’s so multitasking! Great for brighten up tired looking eyes with adding it on the tear duct area, it’s also a perfect highlighter for using it on browbone, on cheekbone, etc..

Lavish Lollipops


Official description: Mauve pink that has a lavender undertone with a strong gold duochrome and gold shimmers.

My opinion: Lavish Lollipops reminds me on Fyrinnae’s Meerkat. Actually I prefer this even more. A gorgeous duochrome shade with a mauve base and a golden shimmer finish.

Needs More Lace


Official description: Medium purple with a blue duochrome and aqua sparkles.

My opinion: Actually this is also a duochrome shade. The effect is a little less visible, but it’s there. Needs More Lace has a purple base and an indigo/blue shift.

Sleepwalking Pastorals


Official description: Warm green with a subtle golden duochrome and sprinkles of blue sparkles.

My opinion: I don’t know why but I just adore this shade! I love love the name, because it so magical to me and I immediately thinking about fairy tales. Sleepwalking Pastorals is a silky mossy green shade that contains many different shades of sparkles. This makes the shade very unique and a must have for me. One of my favourites! (I’m a green lover)

Cold Grace


Official description: Purple that has a red undertone with blue shimmers and sprinkles of fuchsia sparkles.

My opinion: Cold Grace is a crocus lilac shade with a soft blurple duochrome shift. A very rich and pretty shade!



Official description: Olive with gold and blue shimmers.

My opinion: Weedwhacker is my least favourite, but it’s still not a shade that I could not use. It’s a muted shimmery olive shade with a lighter silvery-olive shift and aqua sparkles.

Endless Rain


Official description: Endless Rain is a soft metallic teal with a green sheen with sprinklings of white sparkles.

My opinion: One of my favourites! It a darker cousin of Fyrinnae’s Digital Faerie, but its way more complex and has a more shimmery and not silky finish like Digital Faerie. A must have! ❤


2 Responses to “Innocent + Twisted Alchemy – Endless Rain Collection – Swatches”

  1. olgiepolgie July 28, 2012 at 08:44 #

    All of these colours are stunning! Great swatches.

    • swatchfreak July 29, 2012 at 17:38 #

      Thanks Olgie! I really highly recommend this collection 🙂

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