Innocent + Twisted Alchemy – Shooting Stars, By Death We’re Wed & Grieving Flame (reformulated) Swatches

6 Aug
Pic’s are clickable.

I swatched my new full sized Innocent + Twisted Alchemy shades, enoy 🙂


Shooting Stars

(Holiday 2011)


Official description: Shooting Stars is a navy blue with an explosion of golden sparkles.

My opinion: Is my old favourite and I actually helped Linda to create it. It’s a dusty navy blue with thousands of golden flaked sparkles.

By Death We’re Wed


Official description: By Death We’re Wed is a soft black with a rainbow of shimmers.

My opinion: I got this shade as a gift and it’s spectacular. I think it’s even better than Fyrinnae Immortal. It’s a deep charcoal black with multicolored flakies. Gorgeous. I used it in my Deadly Wedding look.

Grieving Flame

(Holiday 2011)


Official description: Is a medium gray with a “flame” duochrome and sparkles.

My opinion: I asked Linda to create a The Little Match Girl related shade. And she did a great job. This is the new, reformulated Grieving Flame and it’s even better than the first version, that you can see HERE. I must swatch them one time together to show you the difference, but all in all the new one has a much more stronger duochrome shift. It’s a pewter/taupe shade with an olive tinge, a coppery/gold duochrome sheen and some gold sparkles. Imagine a shade that you mix out of Fyrinnaes Te Amo and Sacred and add some golden sparkles.



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