Heartbeats, I am in love

20 Oct

Hello ladies!

I have such bad luck, because I lost last week my urbeats by dr. dre. I was so sad that I almost cried. These earphones are really a lot worth and my boyfriend gave them to me.

I really loved them! So I decided to buy me another pair. I don’t have the money to buy 100€ worth earphones so I looked on bolha.com. Bolha.com is a site that is similar to ebay 🙂 I became them for 40€! I was so happy and the man who send them to me was really nice.

So girls do you think that in this little black diamond box are the urbeats?


Yes they are original and are not urbeats. These earphones are heartbeats by lady gaga 🙂



The quality of the sound is really nice. They fit into the ear and are so good that you have an eargasm if you hear a good song. You hear the basses and the sound is really clear.

If you love music and you are ready to spend more than 10€ for earphones, you have to buy urbeats/heartbeats by dr. dre.

I hope you liked my post 🙂

Swatchfreaks sis*


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