Halloween shoppe – Fyrinnae!

29 Oct

Here are all my Fyrinnae Halloween swatches to help you in the spooky time of the year!

Btw., somewhere I was reading about that Fyrinnae would release a new Halloween collection this year! I hope this is true!

Unfortunately Fyrinnae confirmed, that this is not true 😦 I will still buy something from them because they are my Nr.1 😀

Fyrinnae’s Halloween 2009 Swatches

  • Medieval Haunting: check out Medieval Haunting! It’s not available anymore, but it has a replacement: Shenanigans. Shenanigans is a must have for all metallic shade lovers.
  • Mephisto: at this time, Mephisto is not available 😦 but I hope it comes back very soon! It’s my favourite indie shade!
  • Nevermore & New Moons Light: mixed together this two discountinued shades: Nevermore and New Moons Light would probably give the shade Parental Advisory (but this has also some shimmer in it), so go for it.
  • Samhain Spirits: this gem is discountinued.. Maybe try Sultry Samhain or Bonfire Spirits?
  • Sleepy Hollow: Love the name! I see this movie every fall and still love it. Sleepy Hollow is so underestimated! It’s a gorgeous azure-turquoise shade with golden sparkles! When you love Digital Faerie you will adore this shade!

 Fyrinnae’s Halloween 2011 Swatches

  • Alchemist’s Curse & Raven’s Prophecy: when you want a bold, but dark look pick these two. Blacks with some color glimmer. Also, fabulous names. When you like Alchemist’s Curse and Raven’s Prophecy (shades with a black base and a pinch of twinkle) also try Bastet, Fyre and Ice, Immortality, Kuroneko and Pumpkinfire.
  • Are you my Mummy?: when you love shifting shades this is a winner! Are you my mummy? shifts from an aquatic creature skin color to a purple pink glow!
  • Wake not the Dead: this shade is not available anymore. For a similar vibe, maybe try Blogger Beauty!
  • Bride of Frankenstein: like WNTD it’s not available anymore. Try already mentioned Digital Faerie and Sleepy Hollow instead!
  • Dorian Grey: also this is a not selling shade anymore.
  • Purgatory: A bloody, bright red, like a ruby gem color on a black base. Purgatory is a MUST HAVE for HALLOWEEN!
  • Book of the Dead: One of my favourites. A neutral bright gold leaning to yellow (the picture on the official side is not really accurate). If Polar Bear was making your skin sick, you must IMMEDIATELY try Book of the Dead.
  • Steampunk: You don’t own Steampunk? Then you are missing one of the best Fyrinnae shades. This gem is a smooth metallic shade that shifts from warm soil color to fuchsia to mossy green. Just stunning!!!

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