Fyrinnae – Dinosaur Plushie Swatch

26 Nov

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Dinosaur Plushie


If you are a Fyrinnae lover like me and don’t already own Dinosaur Plushie, you are missing a whole thing. This shade is one of the best from Fyrinnae.

Official description: A flamboyant, eclectic dinosaur covered in glitter, perhaps. Name is unrelated to shade…as usual. Dinosaur Plushie is filled with multi-colored sparkle, some of which can change hue in different light. Transparent over most primers or applied dry (don’t apply this dry unless you’re going for that all-over disco queen look), but over sticky base, like our Pixie Epoxy, it is a gleaming pale metallic with many flashes of colours. Replaces our old shade Equality (and Mischief Makers), but Dino is much more sparkling and multi-dimensional.

My opinion: Dinosaur Plushie has everything to be a winner shade. It’s has a cool name, is sparkly, bold, fine milled. You can apply it very sheer, just to add some sparkle or going bold, because it’s very buildable. It’s a light to medium silver color with sparkles that go form copper to bright blue. Just gorgeous. You can use it as a tearduct going bold, a highlighter under browbone, applied over an another shade, or as the main role, using it alone on the lid.



Look at this sparkles!


A great winter shade IMO.


Do you see the copper sparkles above?!


Great results, over a black base can be seen here 😉


2 Responses to “Fyrinnae – Dinosaur Plushie Swatch”

  1. Lucy November 27, 2013 at 21:43 #

    Gorgeous color payoff! 😀 This is a very unique color 😀

    • Lucy January 8, 2014 at 05:39 #

      I tagged you in a really fun tag called the spread the love tag! Hope you can participate! go to makeupcrazy1.wordpress.com for more info! 😀

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