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Wordless post – Zoom Zoom

4 Aug

Pic’s are clickable.

I know, this is meant to be a wordless post, but I must mention what this picture is about. Normally my wordless post contain shots from nature etc. but this time I captured my boyfriends car when we were fishing. A car just drow by and the dust from the road started to whirl, so I just made a spontaneous shot. I LOVE cars, not technically, but I love to thinking/talk about the design. If you are similar to me, you now that Mazda just released a new Mazda 6 model that is based on the Shinari concept (this is a drop dead gorgeous concept), and/or Takeri Concept (which is still good, but not so sexy as the Shinari), the actuall model (the new Mazda 6, 2013) is in my eyes still a good looking car, but just way too much far from the two f***ing sexy concepts! So I’m a little dissapointed. Anyway, here’s Mazda 6, 2008:

Edit: I added two more photos, because I think this shows even better the charisma of this car 😀