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Dark Heart Designs – Swatches and a quick review

9 Mar
Pic’s are clickable.

Absinthe, Purple Haze, Silver Bullet, Ultraviolet and Vampire Heart


A while ago I wrote a message to Dark Heart Designs and ask for some free samples. They wrote me back that they offer free samples, so of course I can have some. I wrote them just my address and after a month or so (I’m a international customer) I became a little letter that contained 5 samples. Overall I like most of the shades, especially Vampire Heart <3. Some of them were a little on the sheer side and some of them are not really unique, but despite that they are really pretty.


Official description: A medium green shadow. Inspired by the liquor absinthe, and the green fairy myth.

My description: For my taste this shadow is not enough unique. Beside this it not fit to my skin. It’s really cool, so it makes my skin more orangey/red. But over all that fact’s, I think that will be great for pale neutral/pink skin tones :-). The base is a medium to fair minty green and the finish is a little lighter shimmery minty. It’s a little warmer in RL, than on the photos.


You can find this shade here: Dark Heart Designs.

Purple Haze

Official description: A dark, hazy purple shadow. Inspired by the god of guitar, Jimi Hendrix, and his song Purple Haze.

My description: Okay, where is here the purple? Don’t get me wrong, the color is really cute but it’s more blurple than a real purple. The base is a medium smokey grey and the finish, like I said before is a blurple. If you take a really close look, you can find some tiny little light blue flakies (or shimmer I don’t know exactly).


You can find this shade here: Dark Heart Designs.

Silver Bullet

Official description: A medium silver shadow. Inspired by my love of the Underworld series & werewolf & vampire lore.

My description: SB is a light silver that’s a little on a sheer side. Most will be say dooh, uninteresting. But it’s not. It’s really not very metallic for a silver shade, but therefore is it much more wearable. I like it on my eyes because it grants a more soft and natural look towards the aggressive metallic silvers. Soft and elegant, I like it. The name remind me especially on the Blade movies.

You can find this shade here: Dark Heart Designs.


Official description:A blue shaded purple shadow. Inspired by the Mila Jovovich movie Ultraviolet.

My description: I think that shade is the most unique of all, after Vampire Heart. It’s a mix between violet and blue, but it leans more to blue. It has a pearly finish and the application is a little bit tacky. I would love this shade even more, when the finish were matte and not pearly. The picture on the official site is pretty accurate.


You can find this shade here: Dark Heart Designs.

Vampire Heart

Official description: A deep red shadow inspired by HIM’s song Vampire Heart.

My description: Wow, just wow. Take a look when I use it in a EOTD: Vampire EOTD. So vibrant, beautiful and unique. Vampire Heart is a medium neutral matte red. I tried the shade to combine with a matte black and it looked just amazing. The name immediately remind me on the Twilight saga <3. I took really crappy photos, but I think the color on them is accurate. I made the last photo on sun, so it looks a bit warmer than in real life.


You can find this shade here: Dark Heart Designs.