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Fyrinnae – Halloween 2011 – Swatches

31 Oct

Pic’s are clickable.

I already posted a haul, including also some other shades too here. But today I have for you just the Halloween 2011 Collection. I’m so in love with the shades because they are so unique! They all apply easily and are fine milled. Prepare yourself on tons of pictures, lol.


Alchemists Curse

*from the Arcane Magic line


Official description: This shadow is pink shimmer and sparkle on black, but closer to light or at a different angle and it becomes a vivid gold to green, the black base setting off the highlights.

My description:  A ton of sparkly warm purple in a black base. Gorgeous. In some angles the warm purple turns into a golden with a chartreuse tinge. Similar to Innocent + Twisted shade Innocent + Twisted, or Fyrinnae’s Fyre & Ice (but warmer).

Raven’s Prophecy

*from the Arcane Magic line


Official description: Deep black, this shadow glitters with lime and pale blue. Closer to light or at different angles, and the sparkle takes on a pink and turquoise appearance. Photos don’t even begin to show the effect.

My description: Black base with green, blue and yellow sparkles! Very unique! And I looooove the name ❤ Like Alchemists Curse, probably a great shade for a liner. A must have from this collection 😉

Are you my Mummy?

*from the Arcane Magic line


Official description: It starts out a vibrant, gleaming emerald green. Closer to light or at an angle this shade takes on a striking deep pink color, almost a maroon. It’s not simply a highlight; the entire shadow’s hues change. Contains Blue #1 and Yellow #5.

My description: Dark sage-mossy green with a strong iridescent turquoise sheen. The shade morphs in some lightnings into a PURPLE shade! One of my favourites 🙂


Wake not the Dead

*from the Arcane Magic line


Official description: This shadow has a solid, slightly shimmery, deep orchid purple base. It’s filled with captivating sparkles in varying hues of gold, green, and blue, which all change to give the shadow a distinctly pink-purple cast.

My description: This color surprised me, like Bride of Frankenstein below. They are both way more complex than I expected. The only thing about WNTD is the name, I don’t like it, because it’s not really original. Anyway.. Wake not the Dead is a amazing vibrant crocus-mauve with tons of golden-green and blue glitter. In some angles the glitter turns to aqua-purple. For purple-pink lovers a must have!

Bride of Frankenstein

*from the Arcane Magic line


Official description: This shade is a vivid blue with a slight turquoise highlight. It sparkles green and light blue, but closer to light it takes on an aqua and pink glimmer over the blue base shade. Not lip-safe. Contains Blue #1

My description: This color has IMO the most unique and funny name, love it! It’s a smurf blue with TONS of gold-green glitter/shimmer in some lightnings the glitter turns to a purple color. This is the only shade that I can’t properly photograph. IRL the glitter is way more visible and that’s what really shocked me, since on all photos it looks just plain blue. The glitter make the shade so easy to wear for a blue shade (*o*)

Dorian Grey


Official description: It doesn’t quite look like the picture. Amusing. This shadow is metallic silver (looks more pewter without a sticky base) over black, with subtle pale blue sparkle.

My description: Blackened grey with some steel-blue sparkles. I like the name of the shade, but overall I think it’s a little boring. I think the better choice is Fyrinnaes Biker Chic that has a black base and way more visible sparkles than Dorian, or even Glitter Boi with the dark base and blue-purple duochrome glitter. On the official site, the name of the shade is Dorian Gray, but on my sample jar is written Dorian Grey, I don’t know what name is actually correct for this shade, but I would tip that is it Gray. Unfortunately I realized that after editing my pictures, so on the swatches the shade is named Dorian Grey.




Official description: Almost metallic red shines over a black base, making this shade perfect for liner as well. It was intended to be a replacement for our old “Still Breathing” from 2006, but it is a much more velvety-red shade.

My description: I had the old, discontinued shade Still Breathing and I think Purgatory bazillion times better! It has a black base with a RED, not purple metallic sheen! So alluring. I must try a look where I would compare it with Mephisto ❤ I thik the name of the shade is great! For those, who don’t know what Purgatory means.. Wikipedia says:

Purgatory is the condition or process of purification or temporary punishment in which, it is believed, the souls of those who die in a state of grace are made ready for Heaven.

So this is actually a condition between life on Earth and Heaven.

Book of the Dead


Official description: A rich, slightly aged gleaming gold, fit for Osiris himself (we could hope!), graced with flashes of sparkle in varying hues.

My description: Book of the Dead is a plain, bright, neutral, metallic foil gold, without any undertones. So simple, but so complex at the same time. I can barely see some silver twinkle in it. I would compare it with Fyrinnae’s Medieval Haunting, for a smokey GOLDEN look.


*from the Arcane Magic line


Official description: A remake of our old Steampunk shade (but better!), this is an antiqued deep copper on black, with a touch of gold sparkle and hues of pink. Move it toward light or change the angle, and it becomes gold to chartreuse, the black base setting off the vivid highlight while still retaining its Victorian-era depth.

My description: This shade is a truly chameleon! It’s a medium shimmery brown with golden twinkles, that is sometimes just a plain brown, but in some angles it shows a reddish – violet sheen, and in some angles even a green sheen! :O


Overall I can’t say there’s a shade in this bunch that’s not nice. And I can’t pick a favourite, because they are all so gorgeous!


You can find this shades here: Fyrinnae.


Fyrinnae – Arcane Magic – Shade Pyromantic Erotica

19 Jul
Pic’s are clickable.

Pyromantic Erotica

Official description: Pyromantic Erotica is a bright orange with an obvious chartreuse highlight. As it gets closer to light, the shadow changes to a brighter, gleaming orange.

My description: PE is sooo hard to photograph, so I have just some few pic’s. The shade is AMAZING. It’s a juicy orange/tangerine with a really strong chartreuse shift. The third photo represent really good the actual base color. 

In my collection I have nothing similar to PE, really. I love the strong duochromness and I love the glowing energy that it emits. So powerful, juicy, but also sweet. I highly recommend it.


You can find this shade here: Fyrinnae.


Additional photos

Here’s a MU with Pyromantic Erotica and three other shades:

Unfortunately the pic’s of the EOTD are quite small so you can’t really enlarge them.


Fyrinnae – Arcane Magic – Shade Dark Fantasy

3 Jan
Pic’s are clickable.

Dark Fantasy

Official description: Dark Fantasy is an intense grass green shimmer on a charcoal base, which changes to a golden-peach to deep orange-coral (which of course failed to show up properly in the photos). New in 2/2009.

My description: Dark Fantasy is so interesting. I never saw a shade like this before. If you look it applied on hand from some angle, it seems to be a strong metallic/shimmery forest green shade and nothing more. But if you move the hand it looks like the green is disappeared. Now it’s visible just the charcoal base. Both “effects” are good visible on the fourth photo. Just gorgeous.


Official description is from: Fyrinnae.

Fyrinnae – Arcane Magic – Shade Conjuror

30 Dec
Pic’s are clickable.


Official description: Soft burgundy-brick shade topped with shimmer that changes from aqua to bright crimson, depending on proximity to light.

My description: I have nothing more to say, the description is quite accurate. I love this color because it has a good duochrome effect. It’s similar to Sweetscents Chameleon, but it’s more reddish/lighter and I love to compare them.

Explanation to the first photo – I repacked the shade in to a baggie, normally Fyrinnae shades are selled in jars 😉


Description is from Fyrinnae.

Additional photos

Here’s a MU with Conjuror and two other shades: