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Fyrinnae – Dia De Los Muertos 2010 – Shade La Noche

2 Aug
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La Noche

Official description: /

My description: La Noche makes me think on a starry night in the moment when the sun goes down and the stoned Gargoyles awake again, like every night. I’m thinking on the Disney’s series Gargoyles, that I watched when I was a kid. The main character Goliath is also blue and I loved this cartoon.


La Noche is mysterious and so a soft shade. It applies very easy.

Like Gargoyles :), the shade show’s a different side of it on the sun and freeze to a muted, murky blue.


But in the shade it reveals a strong iridescent/metallic royal blue color.


The Goliath picture is from here. I don’t really know if La Noche is still available on Fyrinnae site, because I can’t find it 😦


Fyrinnae – Dia De Los Muertos 2010 – Shade Te Amo

27 Jun
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Te Amo

Official description: This shade is a glowing iridescent copper highlight, almost ghostly, despite how photos make it appear.

My description: Te amo Te Amo! This shade has such a lovely name 🙂 . TA is a little jar of surprises. It’s the most versatile color that I own. It has a dusty satin taupe base that in different angles changes to a shimmery, nearly metallic coppery/golden/salmony pinkish/rosy flame. Really unique and so flattering. I think is perfect for the bronzed skin in summer. I love it! ❤


You can find this shade here: Fyrinnae.

Fyrinnae – Dia De Los Muertos 2010 – Shade Catrina Cabaret

28 Apr
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Catrina Cabaret

Official description: Deep cool teal frolicks with a fun pink-purple highlight and sparkle.

My description: Catrina Cabaret is such a neat name for a pigment. I searched a little and found out what this meaning..You probably know what cabaret means.. and Catrina? Read this: La Calavera Catrina. Interesting, like the shade by itself – CC is a dusty teal/blue. It leans more to the blue side and IRL it’s a little less dirty looking. It has a beautiful purple halo that makes the shade so brilliant and unique. That halo is visible just in some angles, but when you can see it, the purple glows super strong. That’s because CC remind me in some ways on Frodo’s Sting sword (the sword glow whenever Orcs are nearby) LOL. Unfortunately I couldn’t catch enough of the purple shine with my camera, to show how complex this shade really is.  Again, one of my favourite FY’s shades.        


You can find this shade here: Fyrinnae.