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Fyrinnae – Mad Tea Party – Shade We’re All Mad Here

6 Mar
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We’re All Mad Here

Official description: Luscious, sparkling chartreuse! Similar to our ever-so-popular “Omgwtf” (though a bit more green), but with green and gold sparkles and shimmer, it’s twinkling like a teatray in the sky.

My description: Bright and vibrant! I just love this shade. The base is a lime green shade and the sparkly shimmer is gold/chartreuse. Just stunning and really unique (look at the last photo how complex this shade is!). Every time I see it, it makes me really happy and it will be perfect for the upcoming easter 😀


You can find this shade here: Fyrinnae.


Fyrinnae – Mad Tea Party – Shade Painted Roses

28 Feb
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Painted Roses

Official description: Sparkly, glimmering deep coral…leans towards orange, but the pink hue shows up better when the light hits it.

My description: So many words appear in my head, when I think about this color. Fun, happy, delicious, festive, sparkly, vibrant. A real spring color with a gorgeous name (I just love Alice in Wonderland ❤ ).

Interesting about this shade is, it’s a baby from pink and peach. So is not jet peachy and not pink, just something in between.  The base is more peachy/coral, than the silvery pink shimmer above that. Just another Fyrinnae must have. On the photos it looks a bit sheer but in real life that’s not the case(!).


Fyrinnae – Mad Tea Party – Shade Looking Glass

28 Feb
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Looking Glass

Official description: Soft, nearly matte sky shade, leaning towards turquoise. Slight satin finish.

My description: What a cool, fresh shade! The finish isn’t chunky or just a boring matte with no shine. It’s a wonderful medium aqua blue, that has a satiny finish. My skin is fair and warm/olive and therefore normally blues hate me. Despite that, this is not one of them. That’s the reason I totally like it. The only bad thing about this color is, It stains and leave a green/blue skin.


Fyrinnae – Mad Tea Party – Shade Cheshire Cat Grin

30 Dec
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Cheshire Cat Grin

Official description: Bright, striking royal filled with blue sparkle. Can be made to look very metallic when applied wet.

My description: It really is a lighter royal blue with some blue sparkles, but i can’t agree that it has a metallic finish by wet application :S

In my eyes it seems to be more a pretty and vibrant satin finish. I don’t like this shade on me because it makes my eye color look dirty but I think on some who has maybe brown eyes will this look gorgeous.


Description is from: Fyrinnae.