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Fyrinnae – Haul

27 Oct

Pic’s are clickable.

Fyrinnae package arrived! I’m sooooo happy! ❤ This stuff really isn’t from mother earth (*o*). I can’t make swatches because we have such a bad weather here in Slovenia, but I made two pictures of products and wrote my impressions about the shades when I tested them.

First impressions:

  • Alchemists Curse –  A ton of sparkly warm purple in a black base. Gorgeous.
  • Raven’s Prophecy – Black base with green, blue and yellow sparkles! Love the name ❤
  • Are you my Mummy? – Dark sage-mossy green with a turquoise sheen. The shade morphs in some lightnings into a PURPLE shade!
  • Bride of Frankenstein – Smurf blue with TONS of gold-green glitter/shimmer in some lightnings the glitter turns to a purple color.
  • Wake not the Dead – A vibrant crocus-mauve with tons of golden-green glitter. Pretty ❤

  • Dorian Grey – Blackened grey with some steel-blue sparkles.
  • Purgatory – A black base with a RED, not purple sheen! Amazing.
  • Book of the Dead – Plain, bright metallic foil gold. Gorgeous!
  • Steampunk – A medium shimmery brown with a reddish tinge and some golden twinkles. In some lightnings it shows a green sheen! :O
  • Faerie Glamour – A periwinkle-purple base with a sheen that in some lightnings looks turquoise and in some lightnings more purple!
  • Immortality – (freebie) – A soft black base with multicolored shimmer. Sparkly!

  • Pumpkinfire – A matte black with TONS of pumpkin orange glitter!
  • Druid Werewolf – A plushy medium taupe-brown with a golden tinge and some gold sheen.
  • Tapir – Soft wine with a satin sheen. Very pretty 🙂
  • Fyre & Ice – A black base with blue, purple and red glitter. Overall more on the cooler side than Alchemists Curse.
  • Freya – A smoky medium plum-purple. Cute!



Haul – Persephone Minerals

20 Sep

Pic’s are clickable.

Yesterday I received a Persephone Minerals package! I’m on cloud nine and can’t believe that the shades are so amazing! Now I have to post Meow Cosmetics and Persephone Minerals swatches :O.. Meow Cosmetics are already swatched but I have pretty much work with the editing of the photos. I will have them on the side ASAP.

Because I’m in this moment more impressed about the PM shades, I will post some swatches of them already today 🙂

I’m satisfied with the PM order. The bubble mailer arrived in the time frame. The samples were packed in a red organza baggy with cute golden stars and moons, as you can see (I ordered only shades from the Sailor Senshi Collection).  Samples are generous and the shades have a good quality. I got also two freebies. All in all im very happy :>

You can find Persephone Minerals here and here.