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Innocent + Twisted Alchemy – Shooting Stars, By Death We’re Wed & Grieving Flame (reformulated) Swatches

6 Aug
Pic’s are clickable.

I swatched¬†my new full sized Innocent + Twisted Alchemy shades, enoy ūüôā


Shooting Stars

(Holiday 2011)


Official description: Shooting Stars is a navy blue with an explosion of golden sparkles.

My opinion: Is my old favourite and I actually¬†helped Linda to¬†create it. It’s a dusty navy blue with thousands of golden flaked sparkles.

By Death We’re Wed


Official description: By Death We’re Wed is a soft black with a rainbow of shimmers.

My opinion: I got this shade as a gift and it’s spectacular. I think it’s even better than Fyrinnae Immortal. It’s a deep charcoal black with multicolored flakies. Gorgeous. I used it in my Deadly Wedding look.

Grieving Flame

(Holiday 2011)


Official description: Is a medium gray with a “flame” duochrome and sparkles.

My opinion: I asked Linda to create a¬†The¬†Little Match Girl related shade. And she did a great job. This is the new, reformulated Grieving Flame and it’s even better than the first version, that you can see HERE. I must swatch them one time together to show you the difference, but all in all the new one has a much more stronger duochrome shift. It’s a pewter/taupe¬†shade with an olive tinge, a coppery/gold duochrome sheen and some gold sparkles. Imagine a shade that you mix out of Fyrinnaes Te Amo and Sacred and add some golden sparkles.



Innocent + Twisted Alchemy – Holiday 2011 – Swatches

10 Dec
Pic’s are clickable.


Because of some terrible health problems in my family I am mainly on hiatus with my blog activity for now… However.. I really¬†wanted to show you the swatches of I+T Alchemy Holiday Collection, that is available only while supplies last (it’s a LE)!

I had the pleasure to¬†participate in the creation¬†phase of the Holiday 2011 collection. I’m so happy¬†that¬†Linda¬†(owner of Innocent + Twisted)¬†gave me this opportunity! Thank you dear <3!

Now to the collection:

Tragic Chord


Official description: Tragic Chord is a gold with a slight green sheen and sparkles.

My opinion: This shade is a molten gold that’s great for olive toned ladies! It has a metallic finish, a green tinge and some green sparkles. Very lovely¬†and soo smooth!

Mystic & Divine


Official description: Mystic & Divine is a silver with a red sheen and sparkles.

My opinion: M&D is a medium metallic silver with a red tinge and some red sparkles. Here I missed a bigger amount of the red sparkles that it contains ūüė¶ But it’s still a nice silver color.

Yule of Eternity


Official description: Yule of Eternity is a copper with a purple sheen and sparkles.

My opinion: I think that¬†Yule of¬†Eternity¬†really is a nice shade, especially for girls that love¬†gentle types of a shades, but I prefer more colors that shock you at the first sight ūüėÄ Somehow I’m missing more depth in this color (maybe a stronger duochrome effect). But overall it’s a nice coppery color with a raspberry sheen, that’s great¬†for nude and earthly looks ūüėČ

Grieving Flame


Official description: Grieving Flame is a medium gray with gold, red, and orange sparkles.

My opinion: This shade is inspired by the Grimm tale Little Match Girl. I love the story (although¬†it’s sad) and I love this color! This is how I wanted that Fyrinnae’s¬†Atomic Afterglow would look like!¬†GF is a medium ashy grey with a sheen that’s sometimes more golden and sometimes¬†more orangey-red. Looove!

Guilty Grinch


Official description: Guilty Grinch is a dark teal with multi-colored sparkles.

My opinion: Now this shade shocked me! It’s a bold teal with sparkles and a super pretty aqua sheen! I saw so many times similar teal shades, but this is different! I don’t know why, but somehow I really like the result that the base and sheen provide together¬†ūüôā

Champagne Bath


Official description: Champagne Bath is a dirty rose with golden sparkles.

My opinion: When I saw the official pictures of this shade I was really curious how it will turn out on my skin. It’s¬†brownish base with a mauve/rose sheen and golden sparkle. Normally I don’t wear mauve shades, but I had high expectations for this shade because of the golden sheen/sparkle. The color didn’t¬†disappoint me!¬†It’s so alluring and complex!¬†One of my favourites ‚̧

Peppermint Kisses


Official description: Peppermint Kisses is a satin white with a slight red sheen and red sparkles.

My opinion: Peppermint Kisses is a shimmery¬†white with red sparkles and¬†a slight¬†pink/red sheen. I’m not really a lover of white shades, because they make me look sick, so I’m not really in love with this color. But I like the complexity of the shade (especially the red sparkles). I must try this as a HL, maybe it will surprise me.

Shooting Stars


Official description: Shooting Stars is a navy blue with an explosion of golden sparkles.

My opinion: One of the shades that Linda created with me (and my sister). Shooting stars is a deep navy blue shade with an explosion of ¬†golden sparkles! It’s mysterious, alluring and one of my favourites ‚̧

Hidden Present

Official description: Hidden Present is an army green with an explosion of pink sparkles.

My opinion: One of the shades that Linda created with me (and my sister). Now this is my FAVOURITE of the bunch! It’s an army/pine green with a strong pink/purple duochrome in form of sparkles! Sooo¬†pretty! ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧ Unfortunately is that the only shade where I wasn’t able to capture the strong duochrome effect. But I guarantee you that it has a duochrome effect.

Pink Liquor


Official description: Pink Liquor is a bold pink with a lavender sheen and golden sparkles.

My description: One of the shades that Linda created with me (and my sister). Pink Liquor is a hot pink with golden/copper sparkles and a cool lavender sheen. I wanted a shade with a warm base, cool sheen and¬†warm sparkles. The base and the sheen are really pretty, but I wish it will have the double amount of the golden sparkles…

Tragic Chord, Mystic & Divine and Yule of Eternity:


Grieving Flame, Guilty Grinch, Champagne Bath & Peppermint Kisses:


Shooting Stars, Hidden Present & Pink Liquor:




The shades are overall very pretty. They are all good pigmented and fine milled. I love the sparkles and the¬†shine in the shades, I only wish that some details in particular colors were more visible (more duochrome effect, more sparkles etc.). But overall, I’m really satisfied. I think that Shooting Stars, Hidden Present and Champagne Bath are my favourites. I’m sooo excited to see more shades from Linda, especially the Paradise Kiss inspired shades, that she plans to create.

I must add, that I understand that some formulations depend from¬†budget.. So I’m really excited to see more from¬†Linda!¬†She really is very talented and for now she’s¬†one of my top indie companies, next to Fyrinnae and Meow Cosmetics ūüėČ