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Meow Cosmetics – Zombie Apocalypse – Head Shot and Post Mortem Swatches

12 Oct

Pic’s are clickable.

I will add my own opinions later.

Head Shot

Official description: Crimson maroon with gold iridescence and silver flash.

My opinion:

IMG_3260 IMG_3250 IMG_3252


IMG_3251 IMG_3255 IMG_3253



Post Mortem

Official description: The deepest darkest purple we’ve ever created – alive with a thick sheen of rose luminosity and iridescence.

My opinion:

IMG_3272 IMG_3266 IMG_3268


IMG_3264 IMG_3262 IMG_3261


Random Green/Teal/Blue Swatches

6 Aug
Pic’s are clickable.

Random Green, Teal & Blue Swatches

  • FY -> Fyrinnae
  • I+TA -> Innocent + Twisted Alchemy
  • T:TC -> Tick:Tock Cosmetics
  • DGC -> Darling Girl Cosmetics
  • MC -> Meow Cosmetics

Meow Cosmetics – Egyptian Treasures – Glow Powders – Eternal, Diety & Immortal

14 Apr
Pic’s are clickable.

I have an enormous amount of swatches to show you but have not enough time. I will try do my best <__< Btw.. here are some swatches! Yay! xD I swatched the Glow powders from Meow Cosmetics Egyptian Treasures Collection.



Official description: Cool toned diffused soft wine with sheer golden sheen.

My opinion: Eternal is very pretty but way too dark for me. It’s a gorgeous plummy color with a pretty sheen, like the other two too. I recommend this glow powder to a girl who has a darker and cool skin tone.



Official description: Neutral toned muted plum with soft lustrous golden sheen.

My opinion: On my olive skin, Diety looks perfect! I think it’s a truly amazing powder glow and will suite all other skin tones too 😉



Official description: Neutral toned golden beige with sheer caramelized cinnamon amber highlights.

My opinion: I truly hoped that this shade will be great for me, but it looks grey/ashy on me :(. I don’t really know why, because golden/ashy/olive colors normally look great on me. Maybe I’m just too yellow toned (and not enough beige)? I think you MUST try it if you are a girl with beige undertones.

Overall I think that these three glow powders are perfect, to add some glow to your appearance. They are fine milled, apply really easy, and have good pigmentation. The only minus is that all three colors are more on the darker side. I must try to mix all the shades with a transparent powder.. Maybe is Immortal just too dark for me, like Eternal.

Meow Cosmetics – End of Days – Armageddon, Doomsday, End Game, Hopeless, Nostradamus, Oblivion, Hysteria & Reconing Swatches

4 Apr

Pic’s are clickable.

Yesterday I received a Meow Cosmetics order (every time I buy Meow stuff I’m surprised how quick I get the products :O).. I ordered some shades from End of Days Collection and I’m very impressed how complex the shades are! Here are the swatches:


Official description: /

My opinion: Armageddon is a shimmery blackened red with a very dark (almost black) blue base. It’s similar to Fyrinnae’s Mephisto. This is such a magical color, and I’m little sad, that I didn’t purchase a full size. Shade’s from Meow that are similar (but not identical!) to Armageddon are Grim Reaper from X Collection and Head Shot from the Zombie Apocalypse Collection.


Official description: A sudden flash of pink metallic exploding within a grape hue.

My opinion: I got this shade in a full size form. It’s a bright violet to blurple shade with some cool blue shimmer. The base reminds me on Fyrinnae’s New Moon’s Light/Nevermore or on the Meow shade Eerie from Dance of Death Collection (Doomsday is way more vibrant and is not sparkly).

End Game

Official description: Acid/green yellow.

My opinion: End Game is a mustard shade with some green and orange undertones. Actually it’s pretty and very unique.


Official description: Brooding ominous duochrome forest green.

My opinion: I think that Hopeless is my favourite shade of the bunch and I’m so glad that I bought this as a full size. Hopeless is a medium ink blue shade with a STRONG lime green/gold/coppery interference. I loooove colors like that! It’s similar to Sweetscent’s Midnight Moon (MM is way more sparkly, has fallout and has a lighter base). Also, a similar shade from Meow is Boogie Man, but that color has more similarities to SS Midnight Moon (but again, it’s less sparkly than Midnight Moon, but more than Hopeless).


Official description: Golden iridescent cocoa like the old worn edges of a hand written scroll, buffed with gold iridescence.

My opinion: This color disappointed me. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a pretty medium coppery chocolate shade. But it has way more red/orange undertones, that I can wear on my olive skin 😦


Official description: Copper glazed russet, mysterious and complex.

My opinion: Woooow! Now this is a stunning shade! It’s a unique, complex maroon/russet color with a darker base and silver sparkles. Normally I don’t really like shades like that, but this is an exception. ❤ ❤ ❤


Official description: Gleaming bright olive with silver sheen.

My opinion: I’m so in love with this name! And the color is amazing as well. I don’t own Fyrinnae’s Dressed to Kill or Aztec/Fools Gold, but I think that Hysteria belongs to this color family. It’s a medium metallic olive shade with a blackened base and visible silver sparkles.


Official description: Bright copper cinnamon rose.

My opinion: Reconing is a dirty medium pink/red shade with some copper undertones. It reminds me on Fyrinnae’s Kamikaze (Reconing is more pink). Unique and interesting, but not really my favourite.

Pictures from all shades together:



Meow Cosmetics – Friday the 13th – Spell & 13 Swatches + a comparision

22 Jan
Pic’s are clickable.

I already swatched Iaru from the Lost Rainforest collection, but I think it’s good to make a comparision between Iaru and Spell.. You can also see all my swatches from the Friday the 13th collection HERE.

The other two shades along with Iaru are from the Friday the 13th collection; Spell and 13. Hurry up – at this time Meow Cosmetics offer this LE that appears just around Friday the 13th and for Halloween!



Official description: Chromatic cerulean blue with green iridecent fire and aqua glow.

My opinion: Spell is a cornflower blue shade with a turqoise iridescence. Very pretty if you love complex blue/aqua shades. I think it’s very close to Fyrinnae’s Digital Faerie, but I can’t compare because I don’t own DF anymore..



Official description: Uh-oh…well, what would a friday the 13th collection be without this one?  Eerily mystical, it glows green and gold with orange highlights and iridescence.

My opinion: 13 is a shade that I use very often. It’s a muddy golden shade with a dark base and some green/orange accents. It’s a neutral shade on crack.

Iaru vs. Spell

My opinion: Like you can see, Iaru has a little more murky base with less violet accents and a more golden sheen, as Spell has a more periwinkle/cornflower base with a more turquoise sheen. I like them both and I don’t know wich is the winner. I would maybe say Iaru, because of the stronger duochrome effect.

Meow Cosmetics – X Collection – Swatches

30 Oct

Pic’s are clickable.

I already swatched and presented you the shades more individually in three posts: here, here & here.

From left to right are swatched:

“the descriptions noted here, are mine”
  • Wendigo – Like the official description says, this is a metallic duochrome teal with a darker base. I love the duochrome effect in it.
  • Jersey Devil – Jersey Devil is a juicy berry-pink with a lighter sheen. Although it’s pink, I think it’s a pretty shade.
  • Grim Reaper – Grim Reaper is drop-dead gorgeous! It’s my FAVOURITE of the collection. It’s a dark velvety charcoal with a maroon-ruby-red shift that’s way more visible IRL, than on the pictures. Wooow ❤
  • Wampus Cat – This Kitty surprised me! It’s a strong metallic bright shade that looks like molten gold with some green tones (*o*). Very pretty.
  • Sasquatch – This shade exactly represent Bigfoot! It’s a mix of dark bark brown and mossy green and some golden shine. Good work Meow Cosmetics 😉
  • Hidebehind – Hidebehind is ghostly translucent metallic iron grey with a blue undertone. Creepy! 🙂
  • Nessie – Nessie surprised me. I expected a shade with a shimmery base, but it has a low luster finish. I really like the velvety look of the teal-blue base with an amazing turquoise iridescence.


  • Chupacabra – Chupacabrrrra 😀  is very similar to Snipe, but with a smoky tinge in it. Pretty 🙂
  • Mothman – Mothman has a taupe base – pretty boring, ah? Definetly not! This amazing piggie has an aqua-teal iridescence. Wooooow. It really surprised me! I didn’t expected such a strong duochrome effect :O A must have. Btw. you should watch The Mothman Prophecies movie (or at least the Trailer in the link).
  • Boogie Man – If you love duchrome shades and gold and teal, than Boogie Man is for you! It’s a dirty green-blue shade with a strong gold iridescence ❤ Don’t let the swatches fool you, wich show just the golden iridescence! IRL the blue-green base is also good visible in some angles of looking at the shade.
  • Snipe – Ok.. I normaly don’t like purples. On my warm, olive skin they look terrible. But Snipe… OMFG that’s the most amazing purple that I’ve ever seen! Really! For me this little baby deserves a special place in my stash! Why such an excitement about it? It’s B R I G H T. Really bright! It’s an electric medium purple with a RED iridescence <3, and it’s bright! 😀
  • Yeti – Yeti is a very light glacier blue with a green-blue sheen. Good for highlighting and brightening the eye when you use it on the tear duct.
  • Kraken – Kraken is a gorgeous medium navy blue shade with an amazing brighter blue sheen. I don’t know why, but I realy love this shade. It has such a pretty name, which tends to thinking me on stormy nights on sea where the Kraken lurks for ships that could be a potential source of meal 😀



Meow Cosmetics – X Collection – Jersey Devil, Nessie, Chupacabra & Yeti

30 Oct

Pic’s are clickable.

13 unexplained shadows from Meow Cosmetics. They are good pigmented and fine milled. The whole collection is IMO so amazing, because it’s a mix of duochrome/iridescent, metallic and shimmer shades <3. I ordered all shades in sample form.

Here is a link to the swatches of the whole X Collection.

And a link to the more individually swatched shades:

Jersey Devil


Official description: Bright berry with red iridescence.

My description: Jersey Devil is a juicy berry-pink with a lighter sheen. Although it’s pink, I think it’s a pretty shade.

The Jersey Devil is a legendary creature or cryptid said to inhabit the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey. The creature is often described as a flying biped with hooves, but there are many variations.



Official description: Mysterious aquatic teal with blue/green iridescence.

My description: Nessie surprised me. I expected a shade with a shimmery base, but it has a low luster finish. I really like the velvety look of the teal-blue base with an amazing turquoise iridescence.

The Loch Ness Monster or Nessie is a cryptid that is reputed to inhabit Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. The most frequent speculation is that the creature represents a line of long-surviving plesiosaurs. It is similar to other supposed lake monsters in Scotland and elsewhere, though its description varies from one account to the next.



Official description: Smoky duochrome purple with red iridescence.

My description: Chupacabrrrra 😀 is very similar to Snipe, but with a smoky tinge in it. Pretty 🙂

The chupacabras is a legendary cryptid rumored to inhabit parts of the Americas. It is associated more recently with sightings of an allegedly unknown animal in Puerto Rico (where these sightings were first reported), Mexico, and the United States, especially in the latter’s Latin American communities. The name comes from the animal’s reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats.



Official description: Frozen duochrome icy blue with green iridescence.

My description: Yeti is a very light glacier blue with a green-blue sheen. Good for highlighting and brightening the eye when you use it on the tear duct.

The Yeti or Abominable Snowman is an ape-like cryptid said to inhabit the Himalayan region of Nepal, India and Tibet.The names Yeti and Meh-Teh are commonly used by the people indigenous to the region, and are part of their history and mythology. Stories of the Yeti first emerged as a facet of Western popular culture in the 19th century. The Yeti may be considered a sort of parallel to the Bigfoot of North America.

The descritpions of the creatures are from here: Wikipedia.