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Meow Cosmetics – Dance Of Death – Shade Dirt Nap

15 Oct
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Dirt Nap

I swatched this shade alone, because it’s the only color that I have from this collection. I already ordered some more (Eerie, Asylum and Necromancer I think 😀 ). Dance Of Death is a collection with a lot of glitter for you! I think it’s great to have a collection that is a little more glittery. When you own a sticky base ala Pixy Epoxy, glittery shades are not a problem anymore 🙂

Official description: Rich – dare we say it? earthy (dirt!) brown with black undertones sparking with bronze iridescence and metallic shimmer.

My description: Dirt Nap is in the shade a normally medium bark brown color. But don’t let that fool you! On sun it begins literally to glow! The medium brown base stays, but now you can also see red-copper and bronze sparkles, and even a chartreuse glimmer 😮 It applies smoothly for a shade with glitter and I think it’s a winner for girls, that love neutrals but want some change.

Out of focus to see the glimmer:

Dirt Nap in the shade:

You can find this shade here: Meow Cosmetics – Dance of Death.