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Meow Cosmetics – End of Days – Armageddon, Doomsday, End Game, Hopeless, Nostradamus, Oblivion, Hysteria & Reconing Swatches

4 Apr

Pic’s are clickable.

Yesterday I received a Meow Cosmetics order (every time I buy Meow stuff I’m surprised how quick I get the products :O).. I ordered some shades from End of Days Collection and I’m very impressed how complex the shades are! Here are the swatches:


Official description: /

My opinion: Armageddon is a shimmery blackened red with a very dark (almost black) blue base. It’s similar to Fyrinnae’s Mephisto. This is such a magical color, and I’m little sad, that I didn’t purchase a full size. Shade’s from Meow that are similar (but not identical!) to Armageddon are Grim Reaper from X Collection and Head Shot from the Zombie Apocalypse Collection.


Official description: A sudden flash of pink metallic exploding within a grape hue.

My opinion: I got this shade in a full size form. It’s a bright violet to blurple shade with some cool blue shimmer. The base reminds me on Fyrinnae’s New Moon’s Light/Nevermore or on the Meow shade Eerie from Dance of Death Collection (Doomsday is way more vibrant and is not sparkly).

End Game

Official description: Acid/green yellow.

My opinion: End Game is a mustard shade with some green and orange undertones. Actually it’s pretty and very unique.


Official description: Brooding ominous duochrome forest green.

My opinion: I think that Hopeless is my favourite shade of the bunch and I’m so glad that I bought this as a full size. Hopeless is a medium ink blue shade with a STRONG lime green/gold/coppery interference. I loooove colors like that! It’s similar to Sweetscent’s Midnight Moon (MM is way more sparkly, has fallout and has a lighter base). Also, a similar shade from Meow is Boogie Man, but that color has more similarities to SS Midnight Moon (but again, it’s less sparkly than Midnight Moon, but more than Hopeless).


Official description: Golden iridescent cocoa like the old worn edges of a hand written scroll, buffed with gold iridescence.

My opinion: This color disappointed me. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a pretty medium coppery chocolate shade. But it has way more red/orange undertones, that I can wear on my olive skin 😦


Official description: Copper glazed russet, mysterious and complex.

My opinion: Woooow! Now this is a stunning shade! It’s a unique, complex maroon/russet color with a darker base and silver sparkles. Normally I don’t really like shades like that, but this is an exception. ❤ ❤ ❤


Official description: Gleaming bright olive with silver sheen.

My opinion: I’m so in love with this name! And the color is amazing as well. I don’t own Fyrinnae’s Dressed to Kill or Aztec/Fools Gold, but I think that Hysteria belongs to this color family. It’s a medium metallic olive shade with a blackened base and visible silver sparkles.


Official description: Bright copper cinnamon rose.

My opinion: Reconing is a dirty medium pink/red shade with some copper undertones. It reminds me on Fyrinnae’s Kamikaze (Reconing is more pink). Unique and interesting, but not really my favourite.

Pictures from all shades together: