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Meow Cosmetics – Four Horsemen Collection – Swatches

17 Oct

Pis’c are clickable.

When I saw the collection on the site, I immediately know that I will purchase it. It’s so mysterious and I just love history/myth themed collections. All four shades are good pigmented and smooth.


Official description: Palest gray with a luminous highlight.

My description: Famine is a pale metallic gray with traces of violet-mauve tone and a some seafoam colored sheen. Not really an eye catcher, but nice.


Official description: Metallic iridescent maroon.

My descritpion: Violence is a medium rusty-bloody-vine metallic shade. On sun it’s more coppery, in shade more purplish. I like it very much!


Official Description: Silky luxurious deathy gray with red iridescence.

My description: Death is a steel grey with some green and purple-red accents. In the shade it becomes a blurple tinge. So mysterious and complex. Exactly a color that I have in my mind, when I’m thinking on death.


Official description: Intense brilliant gleaming emerald green.

My description: Looove. Pestilence has a metallic emerald green sheen and a dark, almost black base. It’s the winner of the collection IMO. It’s similar to Fyrinnae’s Dark Forest, but more on a cooler side and without the strong duochrome effect.

You can find this shades here: Meow Cosmetics – Four Horsemen.