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Meow Cosmetics – Friday the 13th – Spell & 13 Swatches + a comparision

22 Jan
Pic’s are clickable.

I already swatched Iaru from the Lost Rainforest collection, but I think it’s good to make a comparision between Iaru and Spell.. You can also see all my swatches from the Friday the 13th collection HERE.

The other two shades along with Iaru are from the Friday the 13th collection; Spell and 13. Hurry up – at this time Meow Cosmetics offer this LE that appears just around Friday the 13th and for Halloween!



Official description: Chromatic cerulean blue with green iridecent fire and aqua glow.

My opinion: Spell is a cornflower blue shade with a turqoise iridescence. Very pretty if you love complex blue/aqua shades. I think it’s very close to Fyrinnae’s Digital Faerie, but I can’t compare because I don’t own DF anymore..



Official description: Uh-oh…well, what would a friday the 13th collection be without this one?  Eerily mystical, it glows green and gold with orange highlights and iridescence.

My opinion: 13 is a shade that I use very often. It’s a muddy golden shade with a dark base and some green/orange accents. It’s a neutral shade on crack.

Iaru vs. Spell

My opinion: Like you can see, Iaru has a little more murky base with less violet accents and a more golden sheen, as Spell has a more periwinkle/cornflower base with a more turquoise sheen. I like them both and I don’t know wich is the winner. I would maybe say Iaru, because of the stronger duochrome effect.


Meow Cosmetics – Lost Rainforest – Shade Mayantu, Siren, Spider Monkey, Torch, Tribal & Jamba Fruit Dove

1 Oct

Pic’s are clickable.

Before the collection disappears I have some swatches for you! Hurry up! Also, check this out: Meow Cosmetics – News.

Mayantu, Siren & Spider Monkey.

Torch, Tribal & Jamba Fruit Dove.


Official description: Named for the mythical creature that is said reside deep in the Amazon Rainforest, this smoky blue gleams with gold and blue iridescence!

My description: Mayantu is a medium toned smokey blue. It has a pearl to frost finish and on the sun I can se some gold iridescence. Somehow this shade was not able to satisfy me. Maybe because it’s not really unique. All in all this is really a beautiful shade (really!), but it’s not really a stunner where I would say “omgomghowcoolisthat”. But for some more calmly person this will be a stunner.


Official description: Saucy and sassy purplish mauve with golden iridescence.

My description: I like the name of this shade! I always loved sirens and other mystic stuff. Siren is a mauve with some cool undertones, topped with golden iridescence. On the site, Siren looks more warm toned than Tribal, but it’s vice versa. Because of that I expected Siren will be prettier. But that’s also vice versa, I like Tribal a little more. Although I think Siren is a pretty shade, that suit almost all skin tones ❤ 

Spider Monkey

Official description: Warm bronzed golden brown with copper and golden iridescent sheen.

My description: I’m not really a neutral, taupe freak, but this shade is some of my favourites! The color totally suit to me and it’s easy to compare it with other shades. The shade is a golden brown, topped with a lighter taupe that’s mixed with a golden iridescence! This formula allows to use Spider Monkey for a duo piggie. It can be at the same time a lid and a crease color. This can be possible when you tap it on the lid and in the crease area, and then blend it out only in the crease area. In this way you can achieve a golden brown color with the golden iridescence on the lid area, and in the crease will be visible only the base color, without the iridescence.


Official description: Like the muted embers of a fire, this golden peach delights with red and gold fire and sheen.

My description: Torch is an interesting peachy satin to frost toned color with golden highlights. Somehow I expected a more orangey color and a more satiny finish with a stronger gold iridescence. I think in this case Torch will be even more interesting to me. Pretty but not a stunner.


Official description: Ambiguous and muted this amethyst gem gleams with gold iridescent fire.

My description: Like I said in the Siren description, Tribal is more warm toned than Siren and not vice versa, like the official site photos can suggest. Tribal not only have a very attractive name to me, its also a true treasure! This shade is a muted mauve with some purple undertones and a golden iridescence. On sun it’s shines crazy like a truly gem!


Jamba Fruit Dove

Official description: Neutral rosy peach with hints of taupe and gold iridescence.

My description: I had espected a little more neutral color because of the official description, but I think that JFD is a more cool toned shade. It’s sooo pretty but on my warm skin it looks just wrong. I recommend this pretty shade for cool toned girls that love rosy taupe shades with a lighter sheen.

You can find this shades here: Meow Cosmetics.

Meow Cosmetics – Lost Rainforest – Shade Amazon, Boa, Endangered, Expedition, Macaw & Mantis

1 Oct

Pic’s are clickable.

Before the collection disappears I have some swatches for you! Hurry up! Also, check this out: Meow Cosmetics – News.

I’m sorry for the bad photos of this six shades, but I had some problems with the camera, because in this time when I swatched this little babies my camera was pretty new.

Amazon, Boa & Endangered.

Expedition, Macaw & Mantis.


Official description: Deep forest with gold iridescence.

My description: Amazon is amazing :). It’s a deep forest green with gold iridescence. Like the official description says. I like it very much because it’s green and I ❤ greens. I think the golden iridescence makes this shade unique! A must have.


Official description: Dark charcoal with gold iridescence.

My description: Boa is similar to a Feliner from Meow Cosmetics: Neurotic. I have them both and I adore them both! Boa is much darker than on my photos appears! It’s a truly charcoal shade with a golden iridescence. To me this combination is so flattering, because I love golden iridescence in pigments and the combination with the black is really amazing. I think this shade the most attractive of this bunch.


Official description: Medium rose tinged amethyst with red and gold iridescence.

My description: This shade is not my cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong, Endangered truly is a amethyst colored shade and I even can see the gold iridescence but it’s just too cool toned for me. I think this will be a truly eyecatcher on some one else, especially for more cool toned ladies 🙂


Official description: Golden bark-brown with gold luminescence.

My description: Wooow! Now this is a shade of me. Expedition is for me like a more pigmented taupe with a golden iridescence. Also I think the shade has some mauve tones in it. The shade really suits me because of my warm toned skin but I can imagine that this will be okay on neutral and even more cool toned ladys too.


Official description: Liquid sunshine! This molten yellow with pearlized golden sheen is truly a treasure!

My description: I don’t know what I was thinking about when I ordered this shade. Normally I find yellow colors flattering, but I don’t really wear them :P. The shade is a medium toned, bold yellow that’s more on a cooler side. It has a satiny finish and applies smoothly. So if you love yellow colors on your eyes go for it! I don’t :/ 


Official description: Clear and bright this complex blue rubs down to reveal aqua and gold iridescence.

My description: Now this is a truly gem! Ok in my visions mantis are normally green, but I know that there are so many species of them that I can understand why this shade aqua toned. Mantis have also a gold iridescence and this combination for me is just spectacular. I normally not like light colors (I prefer dark toned colors) but I love Mantis!

You can find this shades here: Meow Cosmetics.

Meow Cosmetics – Lost Rainforest – Shade Iaru

30 Dec
Pic’s are clickable.


Official description: The mystical half dolphin/half woman of the Amazon: this brilliant blue with blue iridescent sheen does her justice! 

My description: First of all I totally disagree with the official description. To me this medium/light blue has a golden sunny light sheen, and not a blue sheen. But I must agree it’s amazing. Normally I can’t wear blue shades because my grey-greenish-blue eyes become a sad, dirty look. But this is totally different, with the help of the cute golden sheen in it, my eyes look really bright.


Description is from Meow Cosmetics.