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Meow Cosmetics – Summer Carnival – Shades Firework, Cirque du Meow, Tattooed Lady, Side Show & Tunnel of Love

2 Sep
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 I didn’t set high hopes in this collection, but it surprised me. In Summer Carnival you can find bright and funny colors and pastel and calmed down colors too.

I know that  I normally photograph shades individually, but because of the huge package of Meow Cosmetics, that I recieved recently, I decided to photograph the shades in groups (sorted by collections).

First row: Firework, Cirque du Meow & Tattooed Lady.
Second row: Side Show & Tunnel of Love.

Firework, Cirque du Meow & Tattooed Lady. 

The application of all pigments that I own is smoothly and they have all good pigmentation and are fine milled. So, nothing new about Meow Cosmetics products :D. The shades on the side are displayed without any description, so I added just my description/opinion.

Side Show & Tunnel of Love.


Normally the shades that have the name Firwork or Firecracker are orange or yellow, but this shade is a medium neutral pink with a lighter pink finish and some fine milled glitter. And you know what? It’s a stunner! Normally I don’t like pink shades but this is really a special shade. Especially on direct sun it glows like a pink glimmery gem. I know that cotton candy (nom nom) is lighter, but the shade reminds me on it.

Cirque du Meow

CDM is the winner of the collection. It’s a chartreuse/warm medium toned green. But that’s not all. On the sun it shows many tiny little glimmery golden and minty green gems that are captured in this little baby. Magical.

Tattooed Lady

What a great purple! It’s heliotrope colored shade and has a multicolored glimmer. Bold but calming in the same time. Really a unique color.

Side Show

SS is a medium calming lavender with a lighter and more bluish sheen. The shade is nice and gentle, and applies creamy.

Tunnel of Love

This has such a pretty name – romantic and sweet. The shade is brighter and cooler than Side Show and has a more metallic shine. It reminds me a little on doves because, when I think on love the silhouette of a two doves appears in my brain. Also the shade a little bit reminds on blue feather.