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Meow Cosmetics – Supernaturals – Astral Projection, Illusion & Apparition

15 Oct
Pic’s are clickable.

I ordered 3 shades from the Supernaturals collection, that contains sheer colors with a iridescent sheen. All three shades that I have are fine milled and apply smoothly. Sadly it’s really hard to photograph them properly 😦

Astral Projection, Illusion & Apparition:

Astral Projection

Official description: Lilac with blue iridescence.

My description: Astral Projection is a sheer lavender-lilac color with a strong medium blue iridescence. I think I like this the best.


Official description: Iridescent petal pink.

My description: The official description says this is a iridescent petal pink. That’s right, but they forgot to mention that Illusion has a beautiful sage green sheen. Gently but pretty.


Official description: White with gold iridescence.

My description: Apparition has the last visible duochrome effect. It’s a white base with a golden sheen. That two colors melt together in a pale gold. A great highlighter, I think.

Astral Projection, Illusion & Apparition in shade:

You can find this shades here: Meow Cosmetics – Supernaturals.