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Meow Cosmetics – Wild Child – Shade Sexy Pants

6 Mar
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Sexy Pants

Official descritpion: Wow. sonic teal with silver, cherry and sapphire sparkle.

My decsription: The name of the shade reminds me of Spongebob Squarepants xD .. I know that has no sense but it’s aqua and Spongebob with his sexy pants (lol) live in the ocean full of teal, aqua, blue and other beautyful colors. So there is some conntection in between.. lol..

Ok, so this shade is so cute. It has a warmer teal base with a cooler, aqua to sky blue shimmer. Here and there you can catch a sparkle of cherry/pink glimmer, that makes the shade even more interesting. Oh, and this cherry shimmer reminds me on vibrant colored corals in the ocean :).

The last photo shows how rich the finish of sparkle is.


You can find this shade here: Meow Cosmetics.