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Fyrinnae news!

13 Apr
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Fyrinnae strikes again! They have refreshed their site appearance, added four new shades next to these four new shades that I already mentioned and reformulated a color. And that’s not all, they will be probably add some more new colors. Yaaay! I’m just sad that I just set an order at the beginning of april and I’m now broken x___X

From L-R: Bitey Tyrannosaur, Blogger Beauty, Picture it: Sicily & Pteranodon.



The reformulated shade, Parental Advisory.

Which is your favourite? Mine is Bitey Tyrannosaur! I think it will be similar to Danse Macabre from Fyrinnae’s Dia De Los Muertos Collection. And the coral shade reminds me on Painted Roses, from Fyrinnae’s Mad Tea Party Collection.


New Fyrinnae Shades!

25 Mar

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Woooho, Fyrinnae released 4 new colors! Here they are:


Official description: 😉  This shade is a bright shimmery warm red filled with multi-color sparkle, much like Immortality.


Official description: Vibrant Kelly/emerald green on black (appears navy in the jar). Great over regular primer, but over a sticky base it’s a gleaming jeweltone metallic green. Not lip-safe. (as for the name, just look it up. We’re not really sane here).

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Official description: Deep shimmery blue, slightly subdued and lighter than navy, enhanced with lime green sparkle. Slightly paler than it appears here. Not lip-safe.


Official description: Rich metallic gold over a dark base (like Medieval Haunting but the gold is not as dark), filled with multi-color sparkle This shade works well over primer, but you may find it appears best without a sticky base.

If you are checking out their site, don’t forget about Cuddlefish, that’s also some of the recently added shades:


Official description: (spelling is intentional)  Cuddlefish is a vibrant violet, but not an overly cool shade, loaded with varying hues of purple and blue-violet sparkle. You’ll definitely want a sticky base or sealant with this shadow. Not lip-safe.

I love especial the green shade, but the blue and gold look also very tempting. About the red I’m not really sure..

Source of the photos: Fyrinnae.

Meow Cosmetics – News

1 Oct

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Meow Cosmetics has the Halloween Shoppe open! For this weekend they have 10%off + free shipping!

They offer 3 new color palettes:


Zombie Apocalypse

Four Horsemen

And also are the previous collections on the site!