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Happy 2012, Makeup Zombie blog and an Easter or Valentine Collection idea

1 Jan
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Happy 2012!

I’m not really good in saying people wishes for events like that. Normally I just say: A happy and healthy year! That’s it. But I think, when it comes from heart, it’s not really important what you say, IMO.

Makeup Zombie blog

Also, I must share a link with you. A phenomenal blogger, Wendi from Makeup Zombie asked me if I can do a guest post (thanks again sweetie!).

You must also check other post from Wendi! I’m regularly reading with pleasure her blog, because of the all pretty E/FOTD’s and all other pretty stuff that she photographs. Check her out!

Here are some pictures that I made for the post:


Easter or Valentine Collection idea

I already mentioned on FB, that I would be extremely happy when someone could do a Winnie the Pooh collection for the Easter feast, including pastel colors with a kick – a duochrome glow/sparkle. What do you think? :S This will be really cool! I don’t know why, but I love this cartoon even now. As a child I was in love especially with Piglet <3.. I have also some new ideas that I was thinking in bed, before I felt to sleep xD.. here we go:

I would name the shades after character’s benefits/weaknesses, or catchphrases that they show in the cartoon, or what the character likes. I also have some ideas about the shades.. So here are some ideas:

Winnie the Pooh – “Pooh”, “Honey Eater”, “Honey Lover”, “Mmm…Honey”, “Oh, Bother!”, “Think, think, think”

  • a medium matte golden color with a strong orange-golden shift
  • or a medium metallic gold with orange-red sparkles

Christopher Robin – have no idea for the naming :S

  • a medium shimmery fawn base with golden sparkles and a sky blue duochrome

Piglet – “A Very Small Animal”, “Pooh’s BF”, “Oh, D-D-Dear”, “I ❤ Haycorns”

  • a matte beige base with a strong fuchsia-pink sheen and purple sparkles
  • or for “I ❤ Haycorns” a fresh acorn chartreuse-kelly green with a strong fuchsia iridescence and some purple-pink sparkles

Tigger – “Springy Tail”, “Bouncy Tiger”, “Bouncy Trouble Maker”

  • an orange with red undertones and with a golden sheen, black & pink sparkles

Eeyore – “Tail Loss”, “Pin & Tail”, “Sawdust Donkey”

  • a jeans blue with a charcoal base and tons of pink sparkles/sheen
  • or a medium gray with a pink glow and some jeans blue sparkles

Kanga and Roo – “Kanga & Roo”, “Kanga N’ Roo”

  • a taupe with brown undertones, a blue iridescence and pink sparkles
  • or, a taupe with brow undertones, a pink iridescence and blue sparkles

Rabbit – no idea for the name :/

  • a vanilla base with strong pink sheen (and orange sparkles, appealing to the fact, that he loves carrots)
  • or a vanilla base with a strong orange sheen, loaded with pink sparkles

Owl – “Wol”, “Tuesday”

  • a shimmery tan with silver accents

I would be really happy to become some feedback about the Eeaster or Valentine Collection idea, so please leave a comment. Thanks! 🙂