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Meow Cosmetics – Neptune’s Grotto – Shades Malawi, Acheron, Tanganyika, Chasm, Grotto, Black Crystal Abyss, Abzu & Lethe

8 Sep
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  Neptune’s Grotto has different shades of blue and some charcoal/grey colors. I’m pretty satisfied that the colors are enough unique and not boring at all. Also the name of the collection is very interesting. I didn’t buy Saltwater, Blue, Seaspray, Phlegethon, Dead Sea, Styx, Rio Negro or Cocytus. I still hope you like the swatches of the other 9 shades.


First row: Malawi, Acheron & Tanganyika.
Second row: Chasm, Grotto & Black Crystal Abyss.
Third row: Lethe & Abzu. 
Malawi, Acheron & Tanganyika. 
Chasm, Grotto & Black Crystal Abyss.
Abzu & Lethe. 

The application of all pigments pretty much the same, they are smoothly and mostly have a satin finish.


Official description: Medium azure with green and gold iridescence and subtle shimmer

My description: Malawi is really is a medium azure, but I figured out that it has a stronger turquoise and a subtler violet iridescence (that’s visible on some of the photos). It has a satiny look and it’s gorgeous. 


Official description: Deep cornflower shining with teal duochrome.

My description: Acheron is the only one shade of this nine shades that has a stronger green/turquoise iridescence. Cute and useful.


Official description: Creamy bright blue with silver and aqua sheen.

My description: Tanganyika is probably the creamiest and has the most beautiful sheen of them all. The shade is surprisingly smooth and it’s sooo easy to apply it on skin. The shine is a little brighter than the base. An unexpected winner.


Official description: Bright ice with gleaming green iridescence and duochrome sheen.

My description: After Acheron this shade also has a green iridescence but the effect is a little bit weaker. It seems like Chasm is a lighter version of Acheron. A pleasant color that maybe suit paler skin tones that are to fair for Acheron.


Official description:

My description: Grotto reminds me on Tanganyika but it’s more green. The shade is smooth and creamy too, but somehow I like Tanganyika much more.

Black Crystal Abyss

Official description:

My description: An eyecatcher. Wow. I like shades like that. BCA has a charcoal base and a royal blue sheen. Brilliant and elegant.


Official description: Intense opalescent  teal/turquoise.

My description: This shade is more green that all other blue/turquoise shades in this collection. I prefer much more green than blue shades.An that’s why I like it. Abzu has a medium teal base with a weaker lighter minty sheen. I it’s worth to order at least a sample of this.


Official description: semi sheer satin gray

My description: Lethe is exactly what the official description says. I hoped to see more depth in this shade, but It’s still nice.

You can find these shades here: Meow Cosmetics.

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